Chile 1962 – Qualifications

Chile 1962When the FIFA Congress in Melbourne in 1956, assigned to the household of Chile, many are, to put it mildly, surprised. All believe in the interest and enthusiasm of the Chilean public, but not in the ability of small South American country name ruthlessly capsicum, located in the foothills of the Andes, to organize such a big event. Moreover, when the May 21, 1960, exactly 2 years and 9 days before the World Cup, comes the big tragedy. Cool earthquake spare nothing and no one in Chile. The implications are terrifying. The whole world sympathizes of Chile, all countries can help with anything. Only holding the World Cup is in doubt, but Football Federation chief Carlos Ditborn supported by the most eminent people in Chile, headed by the president, said: “Do not give up!” Golden Nike “where players will fight, lhave become a symbol of our faith, the angel of our nation, arousing optimism days after the tragedy. ” I. .. Chile is doing! The show, called World Championship, gets high marks. Is an excellent financial result. Figure of 3.5 million dollars very impressed Sir Stanley Rose. Englishman is now head of FIFA, after the death of his predecessor, Arthur Dryuri in 1961
Qualifications already a tradition. Surprises, too. This time, with folded tails “remain” silver “Swedes and” bronze “Frenchmen. Coryphaeus of this sport are shocked, especially by the abolition of Fantasy. “Executioner” of “Gallic cock is BULGARIA! Landmark date for the Bulgarian football is December 16, 1961 Before that we had defeated twice Filandiya with 2:0 as a guest and 3:1. Our loss in Paris with 0:3 is not decisive, because the Regulation respecting only the points won. The younger you can not remember, but older long will tell how long, literally at the last second of the match in Sofia, Hristo Iliev (Patrata) sent two teams to the barrage of neutral ground (seeing how long you started “habit” of frantsuzite fall of in this way). Time I mentioned it, but the place has stadium San Siro in Milan. So there, “rip your head off the cock and literally (Nikola Kovachev – Brick emerging from the tunnel to the pitch, he sees hundreds of shelters cocks – the audience of 80 – 90% has French – over my head and I don ceremony is one of them ) and transmission (the only one, but the winning goal for Dimitar Yakimov – Duties in 47 min) effect. Bulgarian visas for Chilean champion will forever remain in the golden pages of our football history. For the first time “capital will mess with the big final round of the World Cup. Then we will become ‘thorn in the side “because” hands “will make it a tradition …
World Cup in Chile seems to be one of the most interesting collections of the best players and teams in the world. Among all competitors, which Nike has allowed it to “seize” at present (and some twice). And Uruguay, and Italy and Germany again “roll leagues, but remains a big favorite Brazil, which is almost the same composition, which causes a real furore in Sweden 4 years ago. And whether, “the owls are not what they are? Let’s see! (As we like to say a popular TV presenter.)

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