England 1966 – Short introduction

England 1966The world Cup football in 1966 to play in England, as it takes place from 11 July to 30 July, when playing the final clash between England and West Germany – 4-2 after extra time.
Background – many expect that the World Champions in 1962 and World Cup 1958 – Brazil’s team will win a third time as ever bowl win. Team Brazil is not what it was, Pele was injured and permanently abused on the pitch and the result is shameful – Brazilians fail to overcome group stage. Another big loser is the absence of Czechoslovakia – and the 1962 runner-up of Yugoslavia – the fourth World Cup ’62.
Team West Germany – World champion in 1954 overcame difficult qualifying, but in the ranks of the Germans debut a new star – Franz Beckenbauer.
Team Italy – World Champion in 1934 and 1938 World Cup – ranked only after his last game as the Scots appear to be a serious opponent.
Another two-time world champion – winner of the World in 1930 and World Cup 1950 – Uruguay – ranked smoothly.
The Bulgaria’s way is difficult – fall into a group with Belgium and Israel, still have to play match-barrage in Italy who go back and win the World Cup.
Overall World Cup is a battle between Europe and South America, which is led by all means, as a major role in eliminating the South American teams played judges.
We recall that during the World Cup in England has not been authorized changes, which led to a number of teams to play with players mutilated.
Surprises in start – Brazil eliminated and their fate followed and Italy. Bulgaria within the group impossible – there are Brazil, Uruguay and Portugal Euzebion, and quite naturally recorded our three losses.
Memorable performance of the DPRK as a paramilitary squad of North Koreans beat Italy … USSR sneaks the semifinals, losing the match for bronze from Portugal 2-1.
The most controversial thing itself is the final meeting, as already discussed 50 years of English irregular goal in overtime. England became football champions, but leaves impress the best team.
The audience remembers Beckenbauer and Eusebio.
On this World Cup goalscorer is Eusebio scoring 9 goals.

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