France 1938 – Introduction

France 1938 world cupFrance where the most flagrant way is declared the host (breached the principle of rotation of the continent) to large (more) football “family” should have divorce. South Americans immediately declare boycott (the exception is Brazil – the only country in the world, participated in all World Championships so far) and are replaced by world football powers as Cuba and Netherlands Antilles ( ‘s World Championship, though!). After World continue and who knows how he would do this “dunanma” if humanity was faced with a fatally “To be or not to be?” The next world championship is only after 12 years and those surviving after at greatest tragedy in the XX Century (II-th World War) was so happy that they are alive, that they forget all their “white troubles”. The decision to host III-this world championship was taken off the normal situation during the Olympics – 1936 in Berlin. How are convinced the delegates at the Congress of FIFA by Jules Rime – President and Henri Case – gene. Secretary (both, you remember, the French!)? History closed eyes, but obviously the question of (not) morality is not yesterday. To strife aside and accidents and return to the topic. Who are the favorites for the title of this World Championship? Firstly – current world champion – Italy – played convincingly, has not lost velocity, and only 2 years has become Olympic champion debunk the final, final, the Austrian Wonderteam with 2:1. Mentioned are very strong team of Hungary. Appetite of Germany are not negligible, the more they have strengthened after over Austria. French hope “host = champion to continue. And say “magicians” overseas – Brazil, but none was seen by over 4 years. Regarding vice-champion of the previous World Championship – Czech Republic – specialists are about the power it, especially since it has only good to Remy in training in Sofia. Yes! In his second “attempt to fly” Bulgaria won its first point in World qualifications and accurately against vice-champion – 1:1. Unfortunately, in their responses match in Prague, put our anti-record – 0:6 (it up again after 64 years in Prague, but this time “only” in the Czech Republic, Slovakia – not!). After a pratfall in the streets of Sofia sings couplet: “As the city lies hearing – six to zero, dust and fluff, is not passed – oh, shame! – Our heart lustily in Czechoslovak. So the team with no name Bulgaria World (much longer will continue), but we ‘re there with you! For participants in the III World Championships are ranked Sweden, Austria, Norway, Italy, Hungary, Germany, Switzerland, Romania, France, Belgium, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Netherlands, Netherlands Antilles, Cuba and Brazil. Not yet begun and hop 1/8 finals already know the Quarter-finals. This is a team of Sweden. Shortly before the World Championship, Hitler’s “omnivorous many heads hydra” is your first swallow “bite” – a whole country (Austria) and Tre krunur “remained unchallenged. Scandian other representative of this world – Norway – is under bony nut for imenitiya his rival – Italy. 90 minutes’ walk in anguish and only 1:1. Only extensions “adzurite is tapping naked defeated his master of Meatsa. See, Hungary has no problems against the absolute autsayder Netherlands Antilles – 6:0. Germany arrived here with “slam-bang.” Hitler was charged: “Die, but wins.” Against them would be much weaker Swiss. 120 minutes is not enough – 1:1. Nothing! German army to crush them in the second game? Nothing like – 4:2 for Switzerland and Germany is out! And if this show is a surprise, the next is a sensation. In future there will be others, but first remember longer. Romania will remember it forever. Cuba the amateur play of life and death with it in many contested match extensions to reach 3:3. “King Romanian” not taking lessons and the next day more bitter fruit – 1:2 and bye. Unbelievable! France off the house with ease on the long road to the title as hopes – 3:1 against Belgium Small cousin is void their vast superiority. The same happened in Czechoslovakia, Netherlands game – 3:0. Czechs, led by characters from the previous World Championships – Planichka, Neyedli and wide, are much better. What about the 11 goals in one game? Spectacular, right? In this hell, and thus: Brazil, Poland – 6:5 in extra time. Poles removed memorable game. In regular time, no winner – 4:4. Under continuous rain Brazilian virtuoso barely tapping victory. Stars in Leonidas and both teams are in the throes Vilimovski and marked by 4 goals. Unforgettable!

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