France 1938 – The Finals

Champion France 1938We and the distribution of medals. In the first semifinal of Hungary, Sweden – 5:1 result is logical and fully respect the superiority of the Hungarians. Zhengeler their star is out of control – 3 goals, one more added Sharoshi and Titkosh. Swedes apparently reached its ceiling at this World Championship, are pleased bronze achieved almost without effort, you know that less and enjoy having children and Honorary its goal of its author Niberg. In the second semifinal win Italians – Italy – Brazil – 2:1, but years after this talk that the largest of their “trump card” has been … Swiss judge Vutrizh, SH exists to give 2:0 and closed eyes to flagrant violation of the other door at 2:1. (Remember 1994 – semifinal Italy-Bulgaria – 2:1. Kinyu French judge. And slaughter to which we submit it Devil’s spawn. Without quotes.). Anyway, last year and will Brazilians will avenge. 2 times! In the match for third place, the Swedes with a halftime lead of 2:1. Normal. Brazilians not yet got the bitter of injustice. In the second half, however, simply because, from the game, Brazil introduces single 3 goals against a strong physical, disciplined, but unimaginative Sweden – 4:2. Small consolation for spoiled! And here it is – the big finale! Again, as before 4 years, against one another are 2 European teams. Again, one is Italian. In previous matches “Madjare, however, are much more convincing and most present were confident in their victory. And players are convinced of Hungary – I feel strong and fresh. But! Always a “but.” Hungarians hopes to be lost, because Italians surprise this game with aggression and tightly cover all parts of the ground (now call it “fresh”). Something previously unknown. But what they think of all these strategies of the “adzuri” already in 2 consecutive championships? Who is this genial “director”, which worked so well with their strong and weak scored exact location of the opponents? This is coach Vittorio Potso – one of the most successful in the history of football: 2 times World Champion (the only one in championship history of the World Cup) once and Olympic champion, and within just 4 years. High famous, intelligent, diligent and brave (and God loves brave). To return to the game. In the middle ground Italians by Lokateli Serantoni and, together with the giants in the game Meatsa and Ferrari have developed a real magical quadrilateral, and controlling not only the ball but the pace of the game, but forward “arrows” and Piola Kolausi are “sharp and very precise – 2 “dozens” in the target. Hungarians are also worthy finalists and contribute much to the wonderful spectacle. Finally, as Italy won the final with a fully deserved 4:2 and for the second consecutive time world champion. In his welcome them in a way that will long be remembered – just as the Roman Legion meeting, led by the emperor after winning a war. Player Number 1 for the championship was Silvio Piola. They call it “divine.” Certainly knew how, where and when I found myself on the ground to end the most important job in football – a goal celebration. But this attraction, which gave the world, called on his name, is truly a gift from God. How you sound Zengeler Hungarian name? Least as juggler, right? It is the truth. Hungarian footballer is N 2. Among the magicians from Brazil at the turn makes “black diamond” Leonidas to Silva who is a goalscorer and a world championship with 8 goals. Further classification is in reverse order: 7 goals – Zengeler and 5 – Piola.

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