Germany 1974 – Short Introduction

Germany 1974World Cup 1974 is held in the FRG from 13 June to 7 July. It was won by the hosts, with the finals FRG defeated Netherlands 2-1.
This is the second title champions composition of West Germany, which it is won and in 1954 – the World Championships in Switzerland. Thus, Germany became the first member of the new medium bowl – “FIFA World Cup” after the previous award – “Golden Nike” forever held in Brazil after the third World Cup victory in 1970. In qualifying play 98 teams and bomb dropping most of England – World Cup champion in 1966. Poland managed to remove the British who – and their Public – not held sporting during the decisive match at Wembley. Netherlands ranks thanks to better goal difference from Belgium and a major scandal erupted ahead Chile – Soviet Union – Russians refuse to play in the stadium, which was converted by Pinochet in prison and lose service. Champions World Cup World Cup 34 and 38 are easily classified, all expect miracles from the Italians. Zaire holds representative of Africa, and Champions of the World Cup 30 World Cup 50 – urugvaytsite – are classified only because of better goal difference than that of Colombia.
Debut of the World Cup team makes the GDR, which then achieves a strange victory of FRG. Form a lot of interesting groups, such as Brazil could hardly get through them. It is strange that in his first two games of three-time world champions failed to score. In the second phase in a group are compose of the Netherlands, Brazil, Argentina and the GDR; Argentines fell miserably, and football, which shows in the Netherlands Johan Cruyff and Neeskens is of superb quality.
FRG starts unconvincing, despite some victories the team is booed by the audience, and Beckenbauer enter into open conflict with the audience, which then has repeatedly apologized. After the second phase, it is clear that the third-place players will compete in Poland and Brazil – a match won by the Poles 1-0. The final objects together the two best teams – those of the FRG and the Netherlands, all stars are in line for the clash – Johan Cruyff and Neeskens on the one hand, and Beckenbauer, Vogts and Muller on the other. The final was deservedly won by the hosts 2-1, as this World Cup marked the beginning of “total football” because of the tactics of the Dutch, grab the hearts of the public.
On this World Cup Bulgaria overcome easily qualifying as our rivals are Eusebio Portugal, Northern Ireland and Cyprus. Ranking first in the group with 4 wins and 2 draws, and in the finals from group with Sweden, Uruguay and the Netherlands. Able to record two draws against Sweden 0-0 and 1-1 against Uruguay, but this is insufficient to move forward. Bulgaria sets record Zhechev which although not included in the game set a record with four appearances in the World Cup. On this World Cup scorer becomes Pole Grzegorz Latona – Grzegorz Lato – scored 7 goals.


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