Italy 1934 – Direct Eliminations

Italy 1934Italy won fair and square household in sharp rivalry with 12 European countries. Football is becoming increasingly popular and the football World Cup has become one of the most famous, most popular and most desired sports events in the world, along with the Olympic Games. The formula to them with a different 2 years, also contributes to the rise of the two forums. Great novelty of this World Championship is a scheme which provides for 16-s team directly from the first elimination game. (This scheme will be repeated only once – the next). Another novelty is the introduction of qualifications for the World Championship standings (records are part of more than 16). Therefore, qualifications will be something essential, irrevocable, will be part of the game, so to speak, but then it happened for the first time. There is no a surprise. Favorites with ease and take his rank for the final round. For the first time in the history of the football World Cup and Bulgaria is involved in the fight for a place under the sun, but still its too far from the truth – two losses in Hungary with 1:4 in Sofia and Budapest, one in Vienna in Austria with 1:6, the famous “Vundertim, which is a clear favorite for the title of World Championship II (no loss since April 1931). So – we are still at home, and Hungarians and Austrians pride march in Rome at the opening, along with another 14 representatives of their countries: Italy, Spain, Austria, France, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Romania, Switzerland, Holland, Germany, Belgium Sweden, Brazil, Argentina, USA and Egypt. Big splash is the lack of Uruguay. For the first and last time in the history of the football World Cup, the world champion will not defend his crown and throne! And why? The Uruguayans offensive Europeans for their relations to “their” championship before 4 years and very demonstratively rejected the tender of FIFA. Indeed, even do not need an official invitation to participate in the regulation because it appears that the championship is involved in law. (This will change only after 75 years). On the occasion, to call it “inexcusable absence of Uruguay, the Italians are clear:” No cock dawn, while the reaction of others was terrible.

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