Italy 1934 – The first Stage

England Italy match 1934The 1/8 finals (first stage) a knife they cut the 16 teams of 2 halves. Who says the World Championship has not yet begun and about 200 players, coaches, doctors, masseurs and so similar, you are preparing special and months will have to catch the road. But what to do – direct elimination of laws are just iron. What makes the most impression after the first 8 matches of this World Championship? This is the absolute superiority of Europeans in the matches against the representatives of other continents. (For the first time in the history of the world championship team from Africa participated, along with those of both Europe and Americas). And if you go home early U.S. and Egypt is not no surprise, then removal of Brazil and especially vise-champion of previous World Championships in Argentina, is the whole drama. It should be noted, of course, that further Argentinians canceled by the absence of their stars to their ranks Monty (bronze medalist of 1930) Orsi and Guawta. These three actually part of this World Championship and even the principals are on the team, but … of the hosts. Why? Washout Italians are some so-called law. “oriundi, ie foreigners with Italian ancestry, and together they have some pressing problems not only of those, making them their compatriots. Ah, the times, ex, manners! Go back now and 1/8 finals them chronologically in order of their victimization. 1. Italy-USA – 7:1. In the first game of the World’34 hosts indicate a huge potential and Americans directly pie. Led by exceptional Meatsa and Ferrari and shining “oriundi” Italians are just unstoppable… 2. Spain-Brazil – 3:1. Both teams submit your entire tactic of attack. Play like I do not care about the final result. What a great advantage though in Spanish it? You will be surprised – porter! Will stop to wonder, as soon as find out his name. One of the greatest in history – Ricardo Zamora. 3. Austria-France – 3:2 in extra time. Outstanding game! Technique, speed, hits, goals – all merged into a pantomime of beauty. Demonstration of the best to you has reached in its development then football. I’m sure even now if you can see, this game would fun and contemporary viewer. A winning goal at the end of the extensions is the star of Austria – Sindelar. 4. Hungary-Egypt – 4:2. The result does not reflect the real vast superiority of Madjare. They obviously enjoy the terrain, are in the mood, and from there – and too liberal. Fair rules of the Arabs that play boldly and seize its full favor of the rival. Leave the fight with dignity. 5. Czech Republic-Romania – 2:1. Unexpectedly challenged! Observers of this world championship are convinced that the Czechs are much more class team, but class should be demonstrated there, down on the ground! How many times has happened seemingly much more powerful to turns head to a weak, just as Goliath, katurnat sling of David! Football skills are very important but no less important are the inspiration, imagination and enthusiasm. And something else: great in this game are such only because its subject to huge talent of the team whose colors protected. The team is above everything and without him the best footballer is nothing. In the case Czechs are sneaking out “dry”, and Romania leave the ground beaten, but proudly raised heads. 6. Switzerland-Holland – 3:2. At the time compatriots of Tel Wilhelm had a little bit, then a sharp “arrows” in their quiver, so that their victory over the “tulips” is not surprising. Of course, helping them luck, but it reminds me how important it is, especially during major championships, so when the forces are aligned (and still, almost always, luck was on the side of the stronger). 7. Germany-Belgium – 5:2. Convincing! Already in his first game of the World, the Germans have shown that I ‘m not in the desire and willingness to play a major role, not only here and now. But no! 8. Sweeden-Argentina – 3:2. The technique and improvisation of Argentinians, Swedes oppose iron discipline and a strong team spirit. This is probably the first game in the history of the football World Cup, which opposes striking power of technical football. The best team would be able to rely on both drafts, but this happens relatively rarely. So experts, after many surveys (and analysis, of course) are purposely little conditional styles as “Anglo-Saxon and Latin American. In both there are many for and against, but the truth is that the fight between them leads to a variable success and no one has outlined clearly at the expense of others. That – as regards the results as to the game … There is another: people have always loved the open, aggressive, technical … beautiful football. But he more often we are “served” by Latinas. As to the specific game – it, figuratively speaking, the result is found in favor of the “Saxons”, presented by Sweden.

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