Spain 1982 – Short Introduction

Spain 1982 footballThe World Cup 1982 held in Spain, a world champion – for the third time – it is the composition of Italy, who won the final of soccer FRG 3-1. The football World Cup takes place from 13 June to 11 July, as it is innovation – instead of 16 teams qualify for the finals 24. FIFA have understood from what source of income may be the World Cup, soccer and plant are determined to do anything to make the most of the money machine. In the ’82 World Cup qualifiers involving 109 team debut as a world stage do not compile Algeria, Cameroon, Honduras, Kuwait and New Zealand. Large Dutch are absent – the finalists of the World in 1974 and World Cup in 1978, Mexico and Sweden. By and Uruguay – double world champion – the world in 1930 and World Cup 1950. The world returns to England – World Cup 1966, the USSR, Czechoslovakia and Belgium. The members of Italy, Yugoslavia, Hungary, Brazil and Chile have no problems getting and FRG team – world champion in 1954 and in 1974 won World group, which includes Bulgaria, Austria, Albania and Finland.
Bulgaria is ranked third, and we observe World Cup ’82 by viewers. Brazil again has great players, including Kotto shine Zico, Socrates, Falkao by three-time champions are expected to win a fourth World Cup. Italy played poorly, but after every game improves your game. The team was inspired by Paolo Rossi, Zoff, the French team shines Michel Platini, Maradona Argentina has, in the composition of the FRG differ Rummenigge, Schumacher and Litbarski.
In groups of no surprises, as the hosts of Spain also overcome them. In the second phase we see great clashes, as are couples semifinal between Italy and Poland and the FRG, France. In his group of Italy defeated Brazil and Argentina and the world trapne to see what will happen next. In the third place match France beat Poland 3-2, while the magnificent finale Italy defeated visibly tired players FRG 3-1. Thus Italy became a champion for the third time, overtaking the achievement of Brazil. On this World Cup top scorer was Paolo Rossi scored a 6.

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