Sweden 1958 – Groups Stage

Sweden 1958 groupsWhat else? Pele? Long, probably forever, will sit on the royal throne. The king of sports, football, I found his King. The only elected by the people, the only truly loved by all! But not only Pele and Garrincha. In Brazil’s team are still magical “Manager” Didi, Vava incredible scorer, tireless Zito and happy ant Zagata, exclusive backs Nilton and Jhalma, the best goalkeeper in the history of Brazilian Zhilmar (ah, how their patina Brazilians lack of good goalies, but what to do – those with virtuosos like to attack the ball to score goals, to juggling, collecting applause, and not to stay and keep the door). Do not miss them and coach Vincent Feola, the creator of the most beautiful and impressive, and effective tactical scheme: 4-2-4. In conclusion – the appearance is famed, “extraterrestrial” team, which will fascinate all with beautiful and elegant football and will conquer the world! In other matches in this group: the USSR beat Austria at 2:0, and England made “only” 2:2 with the same rival. A further match between the USSR and Britain in. .. England extend beyond 0:1. The albinoses will wait for more. Winged goddess of victory Nike continues to take revenge on them that have long been ignored it. In the second group (Sweden, Mexico, Hungary and Wales), the hosts calmly and confidently reach? finals, beating Mexico by Hungary with 3:0 and 2:1. Their goalless draw with Wales is a formality. The Regulation, which disregards the goal difference, most Hungarians are harmed. They won against the “sombrero” in 4:0, but lost in the Supplementary Wales match of 1:2. “The Celts” so far without a victory, but without loss – with Hungary 1:1 in their first match 0:0 and twice in the other two. It is important to win just when you need and only victory Wales discards “bled” Hungary from further participation in this World Cup. In the third group (Germany, Argentina, Czechoslovakia, Northern Ireland) world champion Germans, elbows and nail “their way forward – against Argentina 3:1, 2:2 against Czechoslovakia, and v Northern Ireland. Argentines balanced “balance” after 3:1 v Irish, but become a pratfall after frontal collision “in the” Tatra “th Czechoslovak – 1:6. Shame and disgrace! For general astonishment, however, teams of Czechoslovakia began “to clamp suitcases, losing confused from the lead by Danny Blanchflaur team of Northern Ireland, and then 2 times – 0:1 with the” regular “and in the additional 1:2 match . Abe is quite opletoha strings here. In the fourth group (France, Yugoslavia, Paraguay, Scotland) attackers seem to have declared his race – 31 goals in 6 games. Only here do not have extra game. They say that merit is mostly of Gallic cock “against which” near “in Yugoslavia at a time to forget which way the opponent’s neck and was lost with 2:3. So hard! Especially South American “Guarani” in Paraguay, who defeated the same time with the same result obviously too much of a jump Scots. However, in defense of the French would say that, provided that they have already secured first ranking with a convincing game by defeating those same “Guarani” with 7:3 and bagpipers with 2:1, perhaps the loss of their Yugoslavia has scheduled. (Only 2 years after the first EP, the semi-finals, “Rooster” is already going to lose as host of that rival the more spectacular of 4:5). Anyway, the Jugoslavs will accompany to France? finals, having not been admitted “failure” nor against Scotland (1:1), or v Paraguay (3:3).

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