Sweden 1958 – The Final

Brazil 1958 finalHowever, VI World Championship has an official finish. For joy! Against one another are the most decent. So far – no loss, with only one draw. Deserved! Something curious: Sweden and Brazil are the only ones in this World Cup, playing with golden-yellow shirts. One of them will have to come up with a backup team. “Short stick” falls on the Brazilians. They will play in blue. Is it a bad omen? Swedes have already secured the silver – previously unknown success, unique and never thereafter. But the appetite comes with eating and more in the 4th marks Lihodolm minutes – 1:0 for Sweden. Will the miracle? … No! Against Tre Kronur are stood not only 11 excellent, great players (Brazil has always kidded inimitable masters of the leather ball), but also a superb team. Improvisation are subject to a lean organization in the game of the composition, skillfully led by coach Feola outside and “playmaker” Diddy inside. Dual attacks are not an end in itself, a path to successful implementation of total superiority. Soon the result was equalized by Vava, then again he displayed his first. After the break came the turn of Pele. His performance in celebration of the third goal (goalkeeper transferred to an external shock folded by air – fantastic “drop sheet”) and now appears as cinema textbooks in football, but so far no one has repeated. Mario “Lobo” ( “Ant”) Zagata increased to 4:1. Swedes do what they can, to defend with honor, even counter-attacked, occasionally – Simonson reduces the difference, but shortly before the end Pele again no mistake – 5:2. Brazil is the champion of the world. After 5 ‘attempts to fly “at last the greatest in football is in the highest float freely, gently, beautifully, naturally! Brazilian-born is a legend. She parades around the world with clarions already 50 years for great joy and pleasure of all. Ideraldo master Bellini takes the Cup. After him and others. First kiss with Golden Nike “is not never forget. A nation falls into euphoria, no! a nation falls into insanity, a nation crying with happiness. Date of 29 June is declared a national holiday. Fighters accompanied the presidential plane, which is harvested characters. In Rio millions of them welcome. Chanted the names of their favorites to fit. These names will remain forever inscribed in golden letters in the folk memory. Brazil celebrates its first big victory. There will be more … A player who is “in the most? Brilliant dribbler, with lightning fints, folded master stroke (his patent was called. “Incident” or “drop sheet” of a direct free kick – remember Stoichkov and his goal v Germany in the World ’94) measured at mm feed, the author of goals to remember for years – that’s Valdir Pereira, known to the world as Didi. He was elected player of the VI N 1 World Championship. And why? Because the most prominent representative of those first to figure out that the ideal individual technique of the player is worth nothing unless it is subordinated to the collective. And with a sense of strategy, immediate assessment of the situation on the ground and making the right decision, Didi became a “director” of success in the operator of the one ahead of its time, Brazilian football computer. A Pele? He even arrived in Sweden as anyone unknown to Edson Arantes Nasimento and leaves with World Cup glory. Until 17 years! Will become the greatest footballer on the planet Earth. Should it some time. Garrincha And yet his time had come. Wait only 4 years. We will mention two names: Nils Lindholm – one of the legendary Swedish trio – “Gre-No-Li and Raymond Kopa – one of the major French players of all time. A teammate Zhust Fountain is incredible ’58 Cvetovnoto top scorer with 13 goals unique. Another record unsurpassed before, and now and probably forever. Far behind with 6 goals and finish the tournament Pele man brought the world title for Germany 4 years ago – Helmut Rahn.

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