Sweden 1958 – The Introduction

Sweden 1958 BrazilTurn of South America to organize the World Cup, but time passes and no candidate and no. Running aid of good old Europe again in the face of Sweden. Nobody is opposing, and contrary to the elite hitting Scandinavia. Subsequently, it appears that the choice of FIFA has hit in dozens. Green fields and forests, crystal lakes, tranquility and comfort of Sweden as finalists make the stay pleasant and quiet. To add to all this wonderful conditions for football, which offers this time of year (June) short Swedish summer. For summer, these latitudes, I asked one Swede: “You know here you have a real summer – hot, muggy?” And he slightly offended, replied: “What do we have to, it was people? On June 22 from 7 am, and all the way to 19:30 in the evening!” Just between these 2-championships (1954-1958) died Jules Rimet (24.10.1873-15.10.1956). International football movement lost its great shape. Rarely, cultural and civilized, extremely loyal to the game, he is the president of FIFA from 1921. and will remain in history as the man with lots of love, and twice more tenacity, overcoming enormous difficulties of any kind, creating a true miracle – World Cup. As a token of appreciation and respect for him, still alive in 1946. delegates at the FIFA congress unanimously decided to name the World Cup, better known as the Golden Nike “in its name. Sounds a bit authoritarian, but a fact – until 1970. official name of the World Cup is “Jules Rimet Cup”. And something interesting – from 1960. and a European Cup. Bowl, which received European champions, called “Henri Delaunay Cup”, ie named after the faithful follower of Jules Rimet and long gene. FIFA secretary Henri Delaunay. And: “Father” leaves her baby (alas, no one is immortal), but it is not helpless, poor and hungry orphan. On the contrary! Turned in young, healthy body, vibrant force of boiling energy. Following the legacy of “Daddy, will continue forward with confidence and become very vibrant, rich and successful. Baton of Jules Rimet took Dryuri Englishman Arthur and his first job is to split the British teams in different qualification groups. Four Nations football seize it for the first time (and only appears) appear en bloc to the finals in Sweden. England debutants Scotland and Wales and Northern Ireland and the World Cup itself is allocated in the 4 preliminary groups, but their movements “anblok” will be there (the finals will be squeezed, and that “needle in the ear” only debutants) . VI debut this World Cup will make another team – not any, and the Olympic shampion of Olympic Games in Melbourne ’56 – Soviet Union (USSR-finals of Yugoslavia – 1:0). From now on, though not built on the peak itself (but will be the first European champion in 2 years), The Team of “Sbornaya” will be a tangible factor among the very elite to its dissolution in 1990. And we? Bronze medalists are of that Olympics (in 1 / 2 finals losing to eventual champion USSR only 1:2 in overtime, but the 3rd place fight with India 3:0), but failed again to get to the World Cup. One of the great “black cat” for our football Hungary again crossed our path – 1:4 and 1:2. Still achieve its first victory in the World Cup qualification – 2:1 against Norway in Oslo. A Grom Norwegians in Sofia with 7:0 and this is our biggest victory of all time. What else happened in those turbulent years of football at nearby BETWEEN sound, but had nothing Switzerland Sweden ’58 and ’54? Disintegration is a great team of Hungary! After the attempted revolution of the Hungarian people in 1956., Colossi like Puskas, Kochi, etc. Tsibor. And all youth team en bloc is as wasted chicks, emigrated across (and “white”) Europe. Naturally were condemned as traitors of the socialist elite in their home country (Thank God those times have remained in history). This is the end of a glorious and a great team. Will appear different, even great, but there is Hungary, which remained uncrowned. Meanwhile, a real tragedy struck English football. At the airport in Munich plane crash in which the team travels to Manchester United. The greater part of the “Busby babies” as they called the youngest team at the time, killing and depriving the world of bright talents such as Byrne, Taylor, Duncan, Edwards … Survive, however, coach Matt Busby and Bobby Chartan youngster, who has been destined to become the greatest English player to emerge and new “babies” and “Manchester United will rise like a phoenix from the ashes … As the favorite for the title seems to be France. Kopa, Fontaine, and other Piatoni win victories and played in a way that impresses. Not seen any decent competition: sensational lapsed Italy and Spain – brilliant individuals have failed to organize a good team. World Champions – the Germans are not convincing in our events. The hosts are also quiet. Only Brazilians come Atlantic talus threatened, but nobody believes them. They talk about some kind Garrincha, Pele, Vava … but these are unknown players. Some experts put the account and the USSR, and England, but are skeptical about the capacity … What else between it and V-VI-Does it? What was born is the most popular club tournament in the world – the European Champions Cup (Champions League) today – “Champions League” (first final: Real Madrid – Paris Reims – 4:3). It has been established and most prestigious individual award for player of the year N 1 in Europe – the “Golden Ball” in the newspaper “France Football” (First winner: Englishman Stanley Matthews, later honored by the UK with the title “Sir”). You receive a trophy and club ‘Cup panaitnite cities, now the UEFA Cup “(first final in 2 matches: Barcelona, London – 2:2 and 6:0 in the spring of 1958.). And as for the cover: borning is a white world and myself (18.04.56). VI-th World Championship has already begun. The first group (UK, USSR, Austria, Brazil) was “Iron”, as connoisseurs. Somewhat surprisingly, however, one of the times it is too easy. After a smooth victory against Austria with a 3:0 to the Brazilians ahead of their match against England (in his first game England have made a rather challenging and effectively draw against the USSR – 2:2). Before the match, the famous journalist Joao SaldaƱa (it will be the coach of Brazil in the 1968-69g.) Goes to England coach Walter Winterbottom, and tells him: “Sir, today we will debut Mane Garrincha. It is right wing. Bet that if within 10 minutes after the start of the match does not send someone to help you back Wilson left, he asked himself will help. Then, when Garrincha Joao goes: “Listen, Mane! In England there is a Wilson, who said that we can not give you to touch the ball. He is such a tall, blond …” The simple Garrincha going on the pitch, saw that all Englishmen are just as high, blond … and takes them with intoxication “technique” and together and separately, and so throughout the game. English as a miracle without a goal in get door (0:0). After the match, Sir Winterbottom 2 crates of champagne sent to the Brazilian journalist. In the game against the USSR, “Carioca” available on the world football at fantastic first 3 minutes in the history of football. 1st min break in the wing Garrincha, and overcoming their own, and foreign, brought on by a thread rushing Vava, who fired heavily, but in the beam. 3 min exercise ends with a goal – 1:0 for Brazil. Angry, Soviet goalkeeper Lev Yashin (it is believed that this is the greatest goalie of all time, the only goalkeeper, who won the Golden Ball for N 1 player – 1963.) Hitting their cap into the ground. At this point, one thin, 17-year pickaninny running by the Brazilian team and kisses big Lev “on the cheek … to soothe him. Pathetic, right? And this is pickaninny Pele! And so the world stage appear the two most genius – Garrincha and Pele. Mane Garrincha – The joy of the people The first will be “Joy to the people.” He appeared in professional football quite old – 20 years and only then – in a very curious way. “Selected” and “got” to the stadium from one of the scouts of “Botafogo” straight from a beach. Entering it on the pitch during the training of famous team, accompanied by loud laughter and ridicule. And indeed: Garrincha like everything else, but not the player – his right leg with goals 7 centimeters shorter than the left, which in turn apologized to half-rainbow to stand upright and moving. Forcing is a scout that he has led this guy, the coach still shouting: “Hey, Nilton, her account of him see this” Swan ” (coming speech on the left defender Nilton Santos, who was so popular at the time, that without his word can not be assigned even cleaner at the club). What happened at that time surpassed all expectation and not only decide the fate of Garrincha in his favor, but also long been telling himself pleased with Nilton. Let’s hear it: “My coach Silva said one ugly drake, which walking in the right area of the playground, I cried:” give him see this “and he threw one ball. I went quietly to him it takes, but then man slipped it between my legs and running by me. I could not keep standing and fell on his back with legs up. It must have been very funny side. While we face, thinking: “What makes legged with others? God knows! “When I looked”. Much longer can you say about Garrincha, but this is not the purpose of this book, so it will be limited to one episode. In one match Garrincha overcome “guard” and still face to face with the goalkeeper. At the last minute, with peripheral vision, Manne noted that defender writhing in pain, and instead of scoring a goal, turned and sent the ball in. .. touch. In the implementation of wove, in a moment doubt his opponent and the ball was returned into the feet of our hero in the applauses of the audience. Now this is normal and happens often, but this gesture was born then, from the nobility of crude, uneducated and stupid would Manol Francisco dos Santos, known as Garrincha.

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