Switzerland 1954 – The finals

Switzerland 1954 finalSemi-finals! In one measure is met – Hungary beat Uruguay to 4:2. But attention! – After extra time. Well, though the opponent is not anyone Acting World Champion is at this moment. Experts said there is no cause for alarm. Kochi – 2 goals, and Hidegkuti Tsibor of 1 are still alive to curse the enemy and just secured another 30 minutes “bread” for the spectacle of journalists and other … And what do the Germans? The largest among them – the brothers Fritz and Ottmar Walter in 2 times, and Schefer Morlok once “sting” Austrians “to death”. Particularly unexpected but fully deserved the loss from Austria – 1:6. A view of the German team began to change not by days but by hours … Approaching the finale. One team is clear as the sun, like everyone predicted – Hungary. Deserted him “Puskas wolf”! Natrashka herd the whole world, including unexpected sacrificial lamb for the final – Germany. Are deposed world champion and runners-up. Hungarian czardas “admired by football lovers around the world. The names of the gun, Tsibor, Kochi, Christmas, Hidegkuti, Groshich are already legend. Is it worth to play this “excess” finale? Does it make sense? Yes, there is a sense! Because the unpredictability of football is proven once again because they are the Hungarians are the worst play czardas in their lives. But before that, Austria gets to third with goals from Stoyaspal, and auto of Ocwirk Cruz – Uruguay 3:1 against and ultimately the world ahead of its predecessors from Vundertima. Goal of “urusite, as well as the semifinals is Hohberg. Before 65 000 spectators Hungary and Germany are ready to begin … They begin. Vortical! In the 8th minutes the score was already 2:0 for the Hungarians. Nobody is surprised. Jules Rimet still is now ready to award the cup in the hands of the author of the first goal, captain Puskas. But, as if the team against Hungary is not the same who was defeated by 3:8 2 weeks ago. Germans have an extremely concentrated in defense and not miss even the smallest chance of his first. In the 16th minute – 2:2. Morlok and Ran. The bulls run amok and start a rush. Hit the post, Turek, the German goalkeeper miraculously saved once, twice, three times … Kolmayer painfully killing of goal-line. Finally the goal? No! Ambush of a gun. Nothing! There is enough time everything came into place. But that time comes. No! It comes, but not for Hungary. At 84 min the hero of this final match, Helmut Rahn, “stole” the ball from the feet of Lantosh with great jester sends it to the network of Groshich. This is no time! Germany won its first World Cup. Hungarians today do not believe they lost that final. That they are Olympic champions from 2 years ago in Helsinki (2:0 in the final against Yugoslavia), that are broke to pieces all over the past 4 years … not even a consolation. Shame! “Hungarian Rhapsody” remains unfinished. First brothers in the history of the world, brothers Walter and Co. promise “Ode to Joy” … And yet – the Hungarians at that time will remain forever in the hearts of people as one of the greatest teams in the history of football and there will always be people like me who will relay the story from ear to ear and from century to century. And that’s comforting, right? Big! Some, but not a joke, say in Hungarian history and they have the same names – Franz. One leaf, and the other … Puskas. Genius footballer. With equal ease he attributed to “throw” passes from 5 to 55 meters, to dribble, to shoot “velvety” to mercilessly bombed. There is no unique and universal left leg in history than that of the Hungarian charmer. On top of that, he was also born leader. Hungary has not had and probably will not have such a football monster (actually, the words that I wrote about a gun, with a clear conscience and I wrote them against the name of the genius of Bulgarian Hristo Stoichkov, but let’s not irritate the Bulgarian half mankind!). Footballer N1 of the 5th World Cup championship was Frederick (Fritz) Walter exceptional “obershturmbanfyurer” and soul of the Germans and the Hungarian N 3 ‘terminator’ Kochi Sandor, who is also the top scorer of the championship with 11 goals goals in 5 matches. With 6 goals Morlok (Germany), Probst (Austria) and Hyugi (Switzerland) 2.4 divided among ‘shooters’. This world will go down in history as a triumph of offensive football. 140 goals were introduced for 26 matches. Peerless record!

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