Switzerland 1954 – The Quarterfinals

Fritz WalterComes the turn of the quarter. Uruguay-England – 4:2. Characters from past World Cup Schiaffino, Andrade, Varela … again among the best. Strongly impressed by young defender SantamarĂ­a. They inflicted a new blow to the prestige of English football. Billy Wright, Lofthaus, Finney give everything, but it obviously is not something more serious. Hungary-Brazil – 4:2. The bulls have no leader and rifle that adds even more value for their victory. On top of that they actually finished the match with 8 players playing, because Christmas was expelled, and Thoth – injured and is just super on the field (up to 1968-70g qualifications. Will be resolved in 2 shifts. Since 1996 season., Autumn changes in the permitted starting lineup are 3 pcs). Then the game’s hero becomes 9-th. Groshich goalkeeper Gyula. Because Brazilians are not transmitted. On the contrary! And they fascinate the audience. But not as Hungarians. At least not yet … Among the “carioca” has emerged a new wave – Didi, Bellini, Nilton, Jhalma, who were condemned to live a great footballing glory. But not now. Everything will start after 4 years. Many legends will live. But not now! Austria-Switzerland – 7:5. Twelve goals in 90 minutes. Is it possible? And at the World Cup final. This is a record of all time in the history of the 17 final rounds so far. Could be repeated? Hardly! The audience of this game falls into a trance and sends a standing ovation (violent, protracted, and the opera!) And the two teams. Contrary to legend, this time “the heirs of Gessler” outweigh those of William Tell in the action “after Scored a goal, but the hosts, however, are very pleased and proud of the achievements – 5th place World Cup is not small. Actually this is Everesta Switzerland. Germany-Yugoslavia – 2:0. Significantly and meaningfully! Germans do not have any problems with the removal of the strong team of Yugoslavia. Nothing more to say.

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