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France 1938 – The Finals

Thursday, September 10th, 2009

Champion France 1938We and the distribution of medals. In the first semifinal of Hungary, Sweden – 5:1 result is logical and fully respect the superiority of the Hungarians. Zhengeler their star is out of control – 3 goals, one more added Sharoshi and Titkosh. Swedes apparently reached its ceiling at this World Championship, are pleased bronze achieved almost without effort, you know that less and enjoy having children and Honorary its goal of its author Niberg. In the second semifinal win Italians – Italy – Brazil – 2:1, but years after this talk that the largest of their “trump card” has been … Swiss judge Vutrizh, SH exists to give 2:0 and closed eyes to flagrant violation of the other door at 2:1. (Remember 1994 – semifinal Italy-Bulgaria – 2:1. Kinyu French judge. And slaughter to which we submit it Devil’s spawn. Without quotes.). Anyway, last year and will Brazilians will avenge. 2 times! In the match for third place, the Swedes with a halftime lead of 2:1. Normal. Brazilians not yet got the bitter of injustice. In the second half, however, simply because, from the game, Brazil introduces single 3 goals against a strong physical, disciplined, but unimaginative Sweden – 4:2. Small consolation for spoiled! (more…)