Uruguay 1930 – Groups Stage

Uruguay 1930July 13 1930 For the first time in history – a game for the football World Cup. Judge Lombard teams out of Uruguay in France and Mexico and played the first signal of an initial attack. The first goal was made by the French Laurent, and the match ends 4:1 for France. The group of France and Mexico are juicy and one of favorites of the I-it World Championship – Argentinians. Indeed Argentina reaches first place in the group, giving a right to participate in semifinals, but not without the kind assistance of the judges. In the match against France, with the result 1:0 for Argentinians in the 85th minutes last year Frenchman overcomes porter and guide the ball to the goal-line. All are aware – equalizer, but this time the judge Rego from Brazil playing … end of the game while (?!), “leather ball (ah, what a parasite) is rolling the network. First unspeakable scandal in the history of the World Championship. And in the match Argentina-Mexico (6:3) are playing 5 (five!) Shootout. Record, unbeaten so far. In the second group South Americans from Brazil and Bolivia are “infused” in our western neighbor Yugoslavia. Amazing mastery of technical (especially the “carioca”), Europeans oppose adequate skills and greater tactical discipline to win 2:1 and 4:0. In the third group Uruguay easily qualify for semifinals, overcome with 4:0 and 1:0 Romania Peru. The reason is not in the household factor and enviable in the game and the amazing consistency of action Uruguayans. Fourth group. US-Paraguay – 3:0 and the US-Belgium – 3:0. Sensation? Only for those who do not know ahead of championship Americans have citizenship of the 10 British and Scotlands and 1 … Jugoslavia. Completely “random” people are practicing football. Finesse, huh?

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