Uruguay 1930 – introduction

Wordcup 1930Uruguay was chosen to host mainly because of 2 reasons. The team of this small South American country 2 times the line is the Olympic champion in football (1924 in Paris, in the final 3:0 against Switzerland and 1928 Amsterdam, the final 1:1 after extra time and 2:0 against Argentina) and the principle of hosting the FIFA World Championship to a party with strong football reputation, a long time is observed. Second argument in favor of Uruguay is the fact that in 1930 to celebrate the 100 anniversary of its declaration of independence. And the curious thing – during the debates in Barcelona, when deciding the question of the household, asked the delegate of Uruguay Buena liege, if they have suitable stadiums. The answer was: “No problem! More tomorrow send a telegram to begin construction of the stadium” Sentenario “(centennial). Indeed Uuguayans create and manage miracle. About 1 years! Well, finishing works accompanied championship, but either way it remains only championship in history, all matches being played in one stadium and he is the “Sentenario. Two months before there was a risk of failure of the World Championship, as no country in Europe has been to participate. When the then transport links, Uruguay is too far. With much tact and diplomating Jules Rime, the legendary Frenchman, managed to convince some federations and ambitious host my breath with relief, learn that the steamer “sharpy Verde, head of Havar June 20th, is representors and national teams of France, Belgium, Romania and Yugoslavia. After 16-day trip on July 5, they anchor in Montevideo. World championship is saved. In addition to the World Cup will play the United States, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay, Peru and of course, the team of hosts – Uruguay.

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