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Very questionable penalty brought the third German Cup in Italy 1990

Wednesday, December 11th, 2013

Germany Champions“We Germans never lose three times in a row”, said Franz Beckenbauer on the eve of the World Cup final in 1990, Kaiser refers to the lost Bundesteam finals in 1982 and 1986 ” Thank God that Diego Maradona is an Argentine. he will again make us world champions’ hopes you Dr. Carlos Bilardo. On July 8, 1990 the world sees the third German triumph. In front of Sophia Loren and Luciano Pavarotti in Rome teams Beckenbauer and Bilardo played the most boring World Cup. To drive in history. The German team arrived in the Eternal City after shootout drama in Turin and Naples. Germany were eliminated in a fully equivalent match England. Maradona, who calls neopolitantsite to support Argentina, not Italy, and his colleagues surprised bitter hosts. Day before the final Italy and England played a watchable match for third place in Bari and so on “Olimpico” should be decided 14th match for the golden cup. For the first time in history, two teams repeat final clash 4 years ago, and Argentine coach Bilardo has a unique chance to duplicate the title and to align this indicator legend Vittorio Pozzo. Great Emperor Franz does is on the verge of becoming the second after Mario Zagallo – world champion as a player and coach.

USA 1994 – Finals

Thursday, December 5th, 2013

BrazilIn the second round Germany conquered Belgium, Ireland committed suicide with his defensive tactics against the Netherlands, Spain overcame Switzerland and Sweden – Saudi Arabia. Brazil stops the celebrating Independence Day with a victory over the United States. The remaining matches in this round are even more dramatic: Bulgaria defeated Mexico in the first game, decided to shoot at this tournament, Romania strikes Argentina, and Italy won a dramatic victory over Nigeria. In the quarterfinals Sweden beat Romania on penalties. Baggio confirms his status as a star with his late goal against Italy Spain win 2-1. Another very close match is Brazil – Netherlands 3-2. The list of semi complete team of Bulgaria, who defeated Germany and this is the biggest surprise of this tournament. Two brilliant goals from Baggio lead Italy to the final and Brazil copes with weary Swedes. Italy risky bet twice in the final – once, Baggio scored the ground with a stretched tendon and again while back in the first game after surgery, the veteran central defender Franco Baresi. He became the hero of this game. The Brazilians poured all his inspiration on the pitch, trying to overcome the Italian defensive discipline, and Italians lurking right time for lightning counterattacks. In this football game a chance to smile a few times and mostly in Brazil, Baggio missed one opportunity in both sequels. Brazil could lead in the 109th minute when Cafu inventive submitted to Romario, who missed four meters to score.

Italy 1990 – Short Introduction

Wednesday, December 4th, 2013

Italy 1990 GermanyThe World Cup 1990 is held in Italy from 8 June to 8 July, 1990 World Champion team of the FRG is who wins the final composition of Argentina 1-0. Debut of the World Cup teams make the UAE, Ireland and Costa Rica. Teams of Chile and Mexico are disqualified – because Mexicans forgery of official documents of the players and Chileans – adjusted for induced and scandal associated with injury to their neck. Bulgaria shows the weakest game in the qualifiers, ranked last in the group with Romania, Denmark and Greece. Place a few amazing record – for the first time a repetition of the final confrontation for the first time and the finalists are led by their former coaches. Surprise is the removal of France and Denmark in the qualifying groups and the most interesting is the clash between the FRG and the Netherlands. Two equal match and both teams continue forward. Brazil is ranked official after defeating disqualified Chile and the U.S. are back again on the world stage. In the group stage taking his favorites, like the big surprise is the composition of Cameroon – Lions crushed together to assume a strange “political” loss of USSR. Netherlands dropped from second round of the FRG with 1:2, Italy beat Uruguay, Brazil and Argentina, eliminated 1-0 by a goal was made by Kanidzha. The composition of the “tulip” glow Rijkaard, Gullit and Van Basten, but their class does not help in the match against the German machine, led by Lothar Matthaus, Klinsmann and Fyoler.

USA 1994 – Groups Stage

Monday, December 2nd, 2013

BG USA 1994In U.S. history have recorded two memorable moment: Brazil won a fourth title and to achieve it, won his first world final, ended after a scoreless draw at the end of overtime, and settled on penalties. FIFA introduced radical measures in the effort to improve the quality of play: Three points for victory in the first phase of the championship, facilitated offside rule (under which no wait, if the attacker is in line with the last or the last two defenders the opponent), strict penalties for tripping back and generally rough play, and last – injured players will be exported from the site immediately. As a result of changes introduced statistics indicate: 15 removed from the game players and a record 235 warnings. But viewed from the positive side, the changes also bring and to 141 goals in 52 matches – an average of 2.71 per game, which is a significant improvement compared to Italy 1990. Favorite in Group A was undoubtedly inspired by Romania striker Gheorghe Hagi. Well-organized Swiss are ranked second and Colombia, which is also one of the favorites, playing without heart and whatever has been thought and is eliminated. Imperative favorites in Group B are Brazilians and they do not disappoint their colorful and noisy supporters. Strength of Brazil is a wonderful partnership and Romario baby. Romario scored 10 and made 11 goals for his team.

USA 1994 – Qualifications and Introduction

Sunday, December 1st, 2013

Stoichkov 94In 1988, FIFA decided 15th World Cup (1994) to be held in the U.S., ignoring the applications of Morocco and Brazil. This choice surprised many who believe that the United States has very little football fans and stadiums would remain half empty. Subsequently, the facts contradict these opinions. Place a record attendance of football matches (3600000 people), who now, after playing three more world championships and an increase in the number of participants is not improved. The format of holding the tournament remains the same as in 1990 – 24 th participant, divided into six groups of four. Sixteen teams qualify for the next stage – winners of the group, second highest and the four best third team. Winners in second round play in the quarter, the winners play in the quarterfinals of the semifinals. Losers of the semifinals play match for third place winners – finish. When equality of direct elimination matches are played in double overtime fifteen minutes and again if there is no winner it is followed by penalty shootout. The same rule applies for the finals. This format is used for the last time, as participants in 1998 were increased to 32 teams. At USA 1994 came into operation for the first time the new scoring system, where victory is given three points, rather than the two, and equality – one. This gives a higher value of the victory, and renders equality as a strategic result.
147 teams compete in qualifying rounds for the World Cup 1994. Are 22 vacant seats out of 24 because the U.S. and Germany are ranked by law – the first country to host, and the second as defending world champion title.