After Dinner Speaking: The Sports Person’s Typical Second Career?

Stoichkov HristoFor most modern-day Premiership football players (or any sports person for that matter), the issue of a second career will never arise. Those that do consider it will most likely be contemplating a career in coaching or management – not something that is completely outside of the game.

However, several years ago when money did not rule sports quite as much, most professionals had to keep an open mind on which path to take next. While few were on the brink of going broke at this point, many opted for the after dinner speaking industry in a bid to profit on the reputation they had forged during their playing days. This blog post will now take a look at some of these sports men and women who take to after dinner speaking to highlight just how common it has become for those who have now hung up their boots.

Shane Warne

If you want to bring a touch of colour, and quite possibly a risqué element to your dinner, then former Australian cricketer Shane Warne could be your man. Regarded as one of the best spin bowlers of all time, Warne was a constant thorn in the side of the English batsmen although he also had an off-the-field reputation that made him loved by many. He regularly hit the press for all of the reasons a cricketer shouldn’t and considering his exuberant personality, don’t be surprised if he demonstrates such characteristics in front of your audience and keeps them thoroughly entertained throughout the night.

Colin Montgomerie

At the other end of the scale we have Colin Montgomerie, the Scottish golfer who will largely be remembered for his Ryder Cup exploits. In comparison to Warne, there’s no doubt that ‘Monty’ is a much more sombre character although having contested with some of the world’s best he will most certainly have more than the one story to tell from the golf course.

Ian Wright

If you want someone who’s right in between the above two personalities, Ian Wright is probably your man. He showed all of the swagger of Warne when he ventured onto a football field, while his confident and entertaining style netted him various television presenter roles. All of this came without the front page headlines that were regularly attributed to Warne – meaning that he can be the ideal candidate for some events.

Lawrence Dallaglio

The fact that Lawrence Dallaglio was a member of that historic 2003 Rugby World Cup winning squad will be sufficient to cement his invite for most events. While he had surrendered the captaincy at that point, he was the only man to play every single minute of that competition. Additionally, having played in most major tournaments from 1995 until 2008, he will have more than his fair share of anecdotes to recall. Anyone who has read his autobiography will be fully aware that he is more than happy to reveal the intricate ins and outs of his playing career, so get him in front of a live audience and the show could be explosive!

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