Argentina 1978 – Short Introduction

Argentina World Cup 1978The World Cup 1978 held in Argentina, as the final hosts defeated the Netherlands 3-1 after extra time. So after 50 years of experience Argentina became world champion. The eleventh World Cup runs from June 1 to June 25, and qualifications involved in 107 countries. Qualifications are causing troubles for the champions World Cup in 1966, as the expense of England continues composition of Italy – winners of the World Cup in 1934 and 1938 World Cup. World champions in 1930 and 1950 World Cup are not classified as inferior Uruguay on behalf of Bolivia. Brazil is ranked as a habit, but everyone knows that this team does not have the strength to become world champion.
Other losers are the chambers of the USSR, Czechoslovakia – semi-finalists of the World in 1962 and the World in 1934, and Yugoslavia. Bulgaria did not pass the qualifications, and we find ourselves in a group with teams of France and Ireland. One win, two draws and one loss was insufficient to go forward, go to Bonev, which emits a penalty against France in the meeting, which ended 2-2. Debut in the World Cup teams make Iran and Tunisia, and France, Spain and Hungary are ranked again for the first time since World Cup 1966. “Debut” makes the World Cup and Coca-Cola, which became a sponsor of FIFA.
Nobody expects the hosts from Argentina to win the Cup, even more unconvincing after their games in groups that are overcome with strange referee judgments. They are champions of the World in 1954 and 1974 World are winning shadow of German stock, the composition of the FRG absent Beckenbauer and Muller, but rising star Rummenigge. Another star is Frenchman Michel Platini, who himself failed to help groups to overcome France, where the chambers of Argentina and Italy – which incidentally only cause loss of future world champion.
The world sees and talent of Mario Kempes and Paolo Rossi, and 18-year-old Maradona was dropped from the composition of Argentina at the last minute. In the second phase has a very interesting match as the first groups to be classified in the chambers of the Netherlands and Argentina, and argue for the bronze medal teams of Brazil and Italy. Three-time world champions were victorious in the clash, but their game is far from the championship. In the final clash defeated Argentina 3-1 after extra time and became World Champion and World Cup 78 “Tulips” lose second straight final. On this World Cup top scorer Mario Kempes was scored 6.


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