Brazil 1950 – Groups Stage

World Cup 1950In the first group (Brazil, Mexico, Yugoslavia, Switzerland), Brazil is imperative! Almost … Mexico were beaten by 4:0 and 2:0 with Yugoslavia, but Switzerland with its rational game not only presents great surprise – in the 90th minute at 2:2 Fridlander great blow to kick the beam … In that game against Alpians lights “warning light” for the “carioca” but they did not pay attention, the more they are beaten “the Serbs”, according to specialists who are most powerful Europeans in this World Cup. (I must have made when Yugoslavia with ease mob with Switzerland (3:0) and Mexico (4:1), but remains second and fell.) In the second group (Spain, USA, Chile, England) are the best Spaniards (3:1 v United States, 2:0 v Chile and 1:0 v England), but has an extremely strong response to the fall English football after England USA – 0:1. English for many years were considered invincible. Not participate in international football life. Play only with their neighbors in Albion, Grom them constantly. Considered frivolous to match forces with others, so be it and the World Cup here in Brazil, you pay tax mania for greatness. Loss of “tourists” to the U.S. is not only offensive, but is one of the biggest sensation in World Cup history. The players, wearing a shirt with his chest three recumbent lions, descend to the ground and a long, long will remember the murderous irony, which welcomed them to the island. Indeed, since then, and to this day, still has some amateur to be “kidded on the ground and beat” parents “! Often! But who know in 1950. imagined that so you will easily collapse a myth – the myth of their invincibility. In the third group had three opponent (Sweden, Paraguay, Italy) and, accordingly, is played 3 matches: Sweden-Paraguay – 2:2, Paraguay, Italy – 0:2, Italy-Sweden – 2:3. Italian “typhoid” have been forgiven by his dream for a third consecutive world title 50 days before the World Cup when, in a terrifying plane crash at Superga hill near Turin, the team has died of Turin – as an unalterable time champion Italy (1044, 1949.) giving 9 players of Skuadra. Among the dead is Valentino Mazzola, the star, which predicts a bright future (after the time his son Alessandro will be “major asset” to Adzuri). Despite the heavy human loss, the Italians resisted with dignity in a very contested game, ranking ahead casting, and barely lost against the Swedes, who did, in turn, are by no random selection. Sweden is the Olympic champion in the finals with a victory over Yugoslavia 3:1 (Olympic Games 1948 in London) and “Swedish troika” Gre-No-Li (Gunnar Gren, Gunnar Nordahl and Nils Lindholm) startled even dream opponent defenders. In the fourth group (Uruguay, Bolivia, Scotland) is only 1 match in which Uruguay defeated Bolivia in 8:0. At the last minute Bagpipe “in Scotland, the third in this company, refused to fight a far way to Brazil.
Brazil will again host the World Cup; read more about World Cup 2014 in Brazil.

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