Brazil 1950 – The finals

Brazil Uruguay 1950 finalAnd this is her final four! Brazil and Uruguay from South America, Spain and Sweden in Europe. In one game each against all, they will decide “who’s best man, who svat! In the first 4 games things look disguised. While “Urusians” is completely tortured with representatives of the Old Continent – 2:2 v 3:2 and Spain v Sweden, the famed” Carioca “straight” analyze “their rivals and beat them to fight – with 7:1 v 6:1 and Sweden v Spain. With his brilliant technique and speed Zizinyo, Ademir, Zhair and others just have fun and prepare for the triumph of Brazil, which are all firmly convinced. Feast has already begun, even the newspapers “rotate” Circulations with huge headlines’ Cup is ours! “We are World Champions!” Just a formality Forthcoming last match with the “losers” in Uruguay. Nobody and I do not even think to put “one of the mind. Hey So just in case! In this euphoria Match for 3-4 place passes quietly. In almost theatrical atmosphere, both completely ignored the “euro” and teams are not trying very much. However, the Scandinavians are mobilized and show a little more dignity – 3:1. It should be noted only that if the match ends in a draw was the third would be “Iberians”. But who cares about you! The finals! More precisely, the last match in the final group. Stadium-giant Maracana in Rio de Janeiro (the largest in the world), specially built for the World Cup IV, spluttering at the seams. 205 000 viewers (so this is nearly a quarter million), “bubbled” like a volcano. Throughout Brazil is preparing to likuva!. “Golden” versus “blue sky”. Brazil-Uruguay! How much history, how much charge is behind this clash? But today, 16 July 1950., The battle for lights crown. For the tip! For the first and last time, at least so far in World Cup history between these 2 teams. And lo – the match begins. No time for jokes and banter. More from the first whistle “Urusians” are thrust into its criminal field. “Carioca” attack constantly. Precise combinations, strikes everywhere, beams, incredible saves itself goal line, Maspoli was “crucified” on the door, but the first half ended, but not naked! Immediately after the break, the Brazilians stay in front of the enemy and only after 2 minutes Fiaka already tough – 1:0. Delight of the crowd is not subject to the description, but earth scientists, if any, must have been amazed seeing how your appliances’ going crazy. The Uruguayans were resigned to their fate silver. But no! Comes 66th minute with his first attack (more than an hour after the game?) They netted! Schiaffino is accurate. Although equal score makes Brazil the champion, hosts do not stop the attacks. Overwhelming desire to reward his compatriots with victory seemed to mislead them and they do not pay serious attention to counterattack the Uruguay, May getting more often. And in the 78th minute irreparable happens – rapid Alcide Chigiya right wing, better known as Gidzha, the surge in flank, made a false movement, centered if you will, and without looking at the door, folded with acute stroke sent the ball behind back of Barbarossa, ie network. Throughout Brazil dumbing! In the remaining 12 minutes until the end of the match, all Uruguayans go back and build such a line of defense (masseur) turnips to eat) that none of the Brazilians failed to seize it. The final whistle – 1:2. Unbelievable but true! Throughout Brazil is deeply grieved! Maracana only be suicide are two, three were stricken by a heart attack. How many are in the country, no one hires to say. Real national tragedy! (In the future, at least 2 more finals (1954 and 1974) will be very unexpected turn of events, but in both cases would be in favor of a nation, which says: “We can consider them to be dead if their head is separated for at least 3 meters away from the body! “So, in my opinion, the outcome of the match to decide the title IV of the World Cup in 1950. is the biggest sensation in the history of world football finals.) for the second and so far last time in history Uruguay has its world champion! In the temple of football in Brazil! But you know who is a prophet in his own homeland? And there somewhere in a small town, it’s called Three Hearts, a minimum of 10 year old boy sitting next to the radio and weep bitterly. Grief, of rage! In the small heart is empty and deserted, but in his head nestling “dangerous” thoughts. Of thirst for revenge. This guy says Edson, but all relatives and friends call him Pele … Now the most important characters are different. IV player of the World Cup is called Juan Alberto Schiaffino. Don Juan, so venerable turn to him the first man and his homeland of Uruguay, and then in the second – Italy. Color with a pale face and expressive features, with its finesse and elegance is more like an intellectual than a footballer. And he was actually on an intellectual terrain – director of the game. Schiaffino, along with Andrade (Andrade son of man, the hero of World Cup) are the most substantial contribution to the title. Huge impression with his brilliant technique, sense of improvisation, the required dose of cunning and insidious attacks made strong and Brazilian phenomena Zizinyo Aledmir and Marquez, who is also the top scorer with 9 goals. Goladzhiite second place with 5 goals and share Schiaffino Spaniard Basora.

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3 Responses to “Brazil 1950 – The finals”

  1. Brazilsoccer says:

    Brazil were better in this final match. The team of Uruguay just surprised them and get the cup here. Absolutely not deserved

  2. Copacabanna says:

    Absolutely agree with you. Brazil were much better and this was just a game of fortune.

  3. Meazza says:

    Why Brazil should get the cup? They reached the final only due to the home advantage

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