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Italy 1934 – The Champion

Monday, September 7th, 2009

Italy 1934 ChampionAnd 4 teams are in the “base camp”, which will attack the top pair and which can only be securing? This will be decided semifinals. The first – Italy looks very tired against Austria. We can not else after those exhausting 210 minutes of the quarterfinal. However, “Skuadra adzura” seems to be collected in your fist and hit enter. Great merit is the “Argentinian” trio Monti, Orsi and Guayta (author of goals). In the second half the Italians resorted to their specialty – katenacho. Closed all doors to pass, the team is going entirely deaf protection. Time passes and the Austrians did not manage to find a way to test the “concrete”. Italy pain as bad devil, but retain a minimum 1:0 and qualify for the finals, declaring the end of the great “Vundertim. Occur and such things – Austrians are clearly not missed time to be the best team on the planet – two world championships. In the other semifinal Czechs in nothing like himself from the first 2 matches of the world – play, and is short. Before their mighty Germans seem cumbersome and helpless. No problems for players of Czechoslovakia, not just believe. Shape everywhere, and their goalscorer Neyedli is untenable – hat-trick. Germans still do not miss to put an honorable goal for the final 1:3. In the match for third place Austrians are still tired from the semi and did not resist the pressure of Germany – 2:3. Bright starts lasting presence of the Germans of the football World Cup. (more…)

Italy 1934 – Quaterfinals

Sunday, September 6th, 2009

Guzeppe MeazzaAre highly contested quarterfinal. Beat with only 1 goal difference and talking about telling aligned capabilities of European forces in the sport. Next: 1. Austria-Hungary – 2:1. Short technical passes, brilliant combinations surprise hit – these are the characteristics of both teams in this game. That what else – and you have until your 15 years Tina both countries within one empire, and this is a significant development in the same political, social, economic and social plan. And I like to say: Football is the double of life itself (and the conditions and who live), with its ups and downs, joy and sorrows. Austrian “Vundertim” won, albeit difficult, that duel and its third year already knows the taste of the loss, but something in the “machine” grating. No longer looks “unbeatable team”, rather is a “team unbowed. Still … Hungarians are not only fully equal in the long periods are better, but … 2. Germany-Sweden – 2:1. Germans are more “Saxons” of the Swedes on the ground – this is undeniable fact. Duel at times is only fear – plenty of power plays demonstrations of physical strength and power, but where is the ball … Alas! Is subjected to severe test – given its Olympic slogan: “A high, more, faster!” (and further, I would add). However, as the tape accidentally enter 3 times in the neck … (more…)

Italy 1934 – The first Stage

Saturday, September 5th, 2009

England Italy match 1934The 1/8 finals (first stage) a knife they cut the 16 teams of 2 halves. Who says the World Championship has not yet begun and about 200 players, coaches, doctors, masseurs and so similar, you are preparing special and months will have to catch the road. But what to do – direct elimination of laws are just iron. What makes the most impression after the first 8 matches of this World Championship? This is the absolute superiority of Europeans in the matches against the representatives of other continents. (For the first time in the history of the world championship team from Africa participated, along with those of both Europe and Americas). And if you go home early U.S. and Egypt is not no surprise, then removal of Brazil and especially vise-champion of previous World Championships in Argentina, is the whole drama. It should be noted, of course, that further Argentinians canceled by the absence of their stars to their ranks Monty (bronze medalist of 1930) Orsi and Guawta. These three actually part of this World Championship and even the principals are on the team, but … of the hosts. Why? Washout Italians are some so-called law. “oriundi, ie foreigners with Italian ancestry, and together they have some pressing problems not only of those, making them their compatriots. Ah, the times, ex, manners! (more…)

Italy 1934 – Direct Eliminations

Friday, September 4th, 2009

Italy 1934Italy won fair and square household in sharp rivalry with 12 European countries. Football is becoming increasingly popular and the football World Cup has become one of the most famous, most popular and most desired sports events in the world, along with the Olympic Games. The formula to them with a different 2 years, also contributes to the rise of the two forums. Great novelty of this World Championship is a scheme which provides for 16-s team directly from the first elimination game. (This scheme will be repeated only once – the next). Another novelty is the introduction of qualifications for the World Championship standings (records are part of more than 16). Therefore, qualifications will be something essential, irrevocable, will be part of the game, so to speak, but then it happened for the first time. There is no a surprise. Favorites with ease and take his rank for the final round. For the first time in the history of the football World Cup and Bulgaria is involved in the fight for a place under the sun, but still its too far from the truth – two losses in Hungary with 1:4 in Sofia and Budapest, one in Vienna in Austria with 1:6, the famous “Vundertim, which is a clear favorite for the title of World Championship II (no loss since April 1931). So – we are still at home, and Hungarians and Austrians pride march in Rome at the opening, along with another 14 representatives of their countries: Italy, Spain, Austria, France, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Romania, Switzerland, Holland, Germany, Belgium Sweden, Brazil, Argentina, USA and Egypt. Big splash is the lack of Uruguay. For the first and last time in the history of the football World Cup, the world champion will not defend his crown and throne! And why? (more…)