Chile 1962 – Finals

Brazil World Champion 1962The finals! For the final match the bets were with advantage for Czechoslovakia and free bet from the main bookmakers. At the National Stadium in Santiago collected just 68 679 spectators. Against one another are the world champions Brazil and surprise “the championship of Czechoslovakia. Game begins in. .. new surprise: the Czechs coach Rudolf Vytlacil (only after 3 years he will lead a national of Bulgaria, will coach Levski Sofia) has replaced the “concrete” with the normal schedule and even with an emphasis on attack. Brazil, albeit with a new coach (Aymore Moreira) has the “Swedish” version. Well, the left wing, Zagata is pulled back slightly in the middle line and the scheme has become figures 4-3-3, but the game has no perceptible change. Technique, pleases the eye, effective football. In the 15th minute, playing his 50th game with the national jersey, Josef Masopust results found for the Czechs. Well, no! Another surprise came to us “little much”. After 2 minutes of offensive Amarildo small corner funny the student with Shroyf – 1:1. Over half second Czechs are already only a counterattack, but Brazil is not “Candice”, while by Zito and Vava not bring things up to something very familiar – 3:1 for Brazil! Likuva nation again. Threat: “There is no sense to come! We will not give anyone the Cup!” is executed. Pele plus eight, which is naturally part of a huge joy, pride with his second title. Zozimo, Mauro Amarildo … are champions for the first time. Happiness of the players and millions “torsida” is deserved. Congratulations! And thank you for the beautiful football again.
The hero of this World Cup is Manuel Francisco dos Santos – Garrincha. “The bitter joy of the people!” Why “joy” is completely understandable: Manet was an unsurpassed master of improvisation. He always plays for the people. Intoxicating them with its stunning art on the green “scene.” It certainly was, and there are good players, but none has enjoyed such spontaneous affection nationwide. And why “bitter”? So that his behavior is not at all, but at all “exemplary.” Garrincha refers to his wife and numerous daughters (namely 11 per unit). Allow them to the arbitrariness of fate and zalyubva highlighted by singer often type who sticks around in pubs, like noisy companies … “Spent” won everything, but it is not less Hich. The genius of dribbling lived 50 years (1933 – 1983). Sent a crowd of thousands: poor, abandoned by relatives and friends of spilled alcohol and cigarettes. But gave his heart and soul. People enjoyed his football talent and grieve with them their giddiness. Receive love, which is not given to everyone.
Second in ranking is loaded Suarish Yes Souza – Amarildo, the deputy of Pele! And to successfully replace the King – well, that’s enough. I can not mention and Edvaldo Izidio Net – Vava – the only one in the world, scored goals in the semifinals and finals of two consecutive World Championships – a total of 6. Just earn place in history. And the glory! By Europeans, the most impressive mule Josef Masopust. At the end of that in 1962 he will receive the Golden Ball for the first time among the first in Europe. Deserved! And finally: this is the only World Cup in history without outstanding goal scorer – 4 goals in 6-pax record players: Brazilians Garrincha and Vava, Chilean Lionel Sanchez, Drazen yugoslavyaninat Yerkovich, Hungarian Florian Albert and namesake of the USSR Valentin Ivan

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