Chile 1962 – Group Stage

Group Stage Chile 1962In the first group of European teams relatively easily eliminated their South American rivals. One is Colombia and dropping them adopted quite normal, but the other is a double world champion Uruguay. However Uruguayans are already familiar with Roman “Sik Transit Gloria Mundi” and thus far have not reached to the other: “Everything flows, everything changes!” But Europeans are not and what is a European champion runners-up the USSR and Yugoslavia. (Only 2 years ago in the final of European Championship, they lead an epic battle among themselves – 2:1 aet). Floating even Olympic champions of Rome – 1960 (after 3 consecutive lost the final of the Olympic Games, finally has a title Yugoslavia – 3:1 against Denmark). But in his first game here against the USSR – 0:2, clearly have not forgotten, and felt the “handbrake”, then definitely “the gear” – 3:1 and 5:0 against Uruguay against Colombia. After a strong start, “Sbornaya” slightly “stalled” with 4:4 in a good game in which Colombians stalking some 13 minutes “hibernation” Russian “Bear” Lev Yashin and his “shuffle” goals 4 goals. Against urusite “playing superiority of the Soviet Union has more than its digital terms – 2:1. Moreover, the first match in this group is Uruguay – Colombia – 2:1. Who knows, it is actually soothing?
In the second group of sensational lapsed Italy, which seemed virtually decided to prove that a bunch of stars gathered in one place, do not star team. Italians, by old habit, are naturalized Brazilian Jose Altafini – Mazzola, world champion from before 4 Todi and Argentinians Enrico Omar Sívori ( “Golden Ball” for 1961), Somarni, Maskio. Here are Cesare Maldini and Gianni Rivera … “The highlight in this group is the Chile-Italy match – 2:0, turned in an ugly spectacle. “Corrida” in which it knows who is and who is bull – bullfighter. Who’s wrong, just what I do not know, but the fact is that within months it is very hard to be Italian in Chile. At least, for being in shop windows hang important inscriptions: “The Italians do not sell!” “Easier” is in the pharmacy: “… the Italians sell sulfuric acid and cyanide of potassium !”… The first group is the team of Germany, which led him to his old tested method: the muscles and “enema” – Italy with 0:0, 2:1 to 2:0 with Switzerland and Chile. The hosts are second and jumping in 1 / 4 finals after 3:1 against retro-mania. In the last game: Italy-Switzerland – 3:0. I thought “adzurite, but later – Mandate slammed.
In the third group, identical to the Italians, “burst tire” their cousins, the Spaniards. In fact, are flat and the 4 of their tires. Iberiytsite seem threatening: They have made “their” fellow “stars” Alfredo Di Stefano (Golden Ball for 1957 and 1959) and the hero of Argentina than 8 years ago – Ferenc Puskas of Hungary?!, But not! Here however, Brazil. In his first match, “Carioca” by crossing the Express – a small station in Mexico – 2:0, but then failed to break through the “concrete” of Czechoslovakia. ends in a draw – 0:0, but actually experienced … great loss? For Pele lost. He is severely injured, and by the end of this World Cup will not play another minute. The most disputed, but the most beautiful is the third match of Brazil: tough but sweet (and totally deserved) victory Spain with more than 2:1. You can tell that the “golden” are still invincible, but one of glitter 58 is Sweden `ponamalyal – colors are poizbledneli. Brazil has one, but others see how you doing: what deviousness, what falls and getting God? Results: Czechia, Spain – 1:0, Spain, Mexico – 1:0, Mexico-Republic – 3:1. (This last game will remain in World Cup history with the fastest goal. date is June 7, 1962 in 27 seconds. Until recently it was believed that the “record-breaking” Bryan Robson has shot the door of France June 16, 1982 in 27 seconds. But after an analysis of the British BBC film excerpt was shown Vaclav Mashek of Czechoslovakia sent the ball into the door of Mexico in the 15th second. And if we take account of the strike Galtieri (San Marino) v England (1:7) on November 17, 1993 (Do not stand, whenever mention that date. Remember I: Paris – Parc des Princes “90 min Bulgaria – 2 – France – 1), detected in the 9th second of the beginning of the game, appears a new fastest shooter, but in the world qualifiers. quarterfinals are On “thrust” of Czechoslovakia. Before you tell about the events in our group to warn you: I will try to be somewhat impartial on “our” and “our.” I’ll be very difficult, because “strong love, reverence and treasure all Bulgarian and native “, but I will try …
So: in the fourth group of the absolute debut of Bulgaria is presented even above expectations: minimum loss and zero Argentina 0:1 home draw with England football. I almost forget about the humiliation of Hungary – 1:6, but to Hungarians we have long suffered and have become even less masochists – somehow love to beat us! (Nobody else we had been so often and as much as Hungary!). However, we did not dry heptane – Georgi Asparuhov – Gundi they scored once and this is our first World Cup goal. Here are the names of these brave Bulgarians who passed “partinata: D. Naidenov Rakatov K., I. Dimitrov, S.. Kitov, D. Dimov, P. Velichkov Diev T., D. Sokolov, Chr. Iliev, Y. Yakimov, I. Kolev, D. Asparuhov N. Kovachev, D. Jechev D. Kostov, D. Dermendzhiev. Al. D. Kostov. Coach: D. Pachedjiev, assistant: K. Chakarov. These guys are already tight for the long journey to their homeland, but suddenly e Argentinians for their rapid-fire in the Andes after a transfer to England 1:3 and 0:0 with Hungary.

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