Football fitness and tricks

FootballThe modern professional footballers are using a lot of medicaments to play on the level we expect to see them. One of the most discussed compound, which can be found in the football club’s pharmacy is the triptorelin. It is anticancer medicament, a synthetic analogue of gonadotropin-releasing hormone. The triptorelin is included in the list of Essential Medicines and works on the basic of direct effect over the gonads and decreasing the sensitivity of the peripheral receptors to the effects of GnRH. After a short time the chemical compound inhibits the secretion of FSH, LH, and the function of the testes and ovaries. This reduces the value of testosterone into the blood and helps for fat burning and muscles growing. Such compounds are used in the early stages of professional practicing sports and mostly football. The clubs are preparing their footballers and inserting them the hormone from the very early age, to hide it from the community and testings. The triptorelin is good way to stimulate the growth and muscles training, which is mandatory for each sportsman and footballer. The triptorelin can be found in different forms, such as subcutaneous injection, lyophilized for suspension for intramuscular depot, lyophilisate for suspension for intramuscular and subcutaneous. The football training schools give it to the young players with food and drinks, helping to increase their fitness and muscles faster.

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