Herbalife: The Source of the Dream Team?

RonaldoWhen we scour through the biggest sponsorship deals in sport, most people are quick to assume that the likes of Puma and Adidas are the big players. Unsurprisingly, this is pretty accurate, with both of these brands leading the way with some lucrative sponsorship deals.

However, one that a lot of people forget is Herbalife. The international nutritional supplier has caused quite a storm over recent years with its supplements, which are proving to transform the ways in which athletes approach sports from a nutritional point of view. There are now countless stores where you can find a range of Herbalife products and this just highlights how much success the company are experiencing. In a bid to emphasise their message, the company have sourced some of the best teams and players in the world to endorse their products. Here, we showcase some of the biggest stars…

Cristiano Ronaldo

Regarded by some as the best player in world football, Cristiano Ronaldo is unquestionably the crown in the Herbalife endorsements catalogue. The Real Madrid forward, who was up until recently the most expensive football player in the world, has broken countless records on the field and has also established some lucrative contracts off it. In fact, you could say that Herbalife has helped him substantially with both, with his trademark chiselled body most probably aided by the effects of the nutritional supplements. Herbalife’s own marketing material shows Ronaldo with one of their protein shake models and considering his physique, this certainly isn’t surprising.

Belgium Football Team

Up until recently few people took notice of the Belgium team, yet at the moment some are of the view that they could be serious contenders for the next World Cup. Armed with a whole array of talent from defence to attack, Belgium have made considerable progress over the last few years and their team rely on the Herbalife range during the international breaks. It’s understood that the team regularly take advantage of Herbalife’s recovery range, with this usually taken immediately after training and competitive play to promote strength and endurance rebuilding.

Shakhtar Donetsk

Shakhtar Donetsk have become regulars in the Champions League over recent years, and who knows how much of that is down to the influence of Herbalife. They seem to claim a lot of the protein-based products are amongst their favourites, which indicates that their team mainly uses them before and after gym workouts.

PSV Eindhoven

Regarded as one of the biggest teams in the Netherlands, PSV are another of the top clubs who are associated with Herbalife. They appear to have taken advantage of a mixture of products as well and while they do list the protein bars amongst their favourites, they also have the various strength and endurance rebuilding ones thrown in there too. Therefore, it would probably be accurate to say that PSV use Herbalife products in both training and competitive play.

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