Italy 1990 – Short Introduction

Italy 1990 GermanyThe World Cup 1990 is held in Italy from 8 June to 8 July, 1990 World Champion team of the FRG is who wins the final composition of Argentina 1-0. Debut of the World Cup teams make the UAE, Ireland and Costa Rica. Teams of Chile and Mexico are disqualified – because Mexicans forgery of official documents of the players and Chileans – adjusted for induced and scandal associated with injury to their neck. Bulgaria shows the weakest game in the qualifiers, ranked last in the group with Romania, Denmark and Greece. Place a few amazing record – for the first time a repetition of the final confrontation for the first time and the finalists are led by their former coaches. Surprise is the removal of France and Denmark in the qualifying groups and the most interesting is the clash between the FRG and the Netherlands. Two equal match and both teams continue forward. Brazil is ranked official after defeating disqualified Chile and the U.S. are back again on the world stage. In the group stage taking his favorites, like the big surprise is the composition of Cameroon – Lions crushed together to assume a strange “political” loss of USSR. Netherlands dropped from second round of the FRG with 1:2, Italy beat Uruguay, Brazil and Argentina, eliminated 1-0 by a goal was made by Kanidzha. The composition of the “tulip” glow Rijkaard, Gullit and Van Basten, but their class does not help in the match against the German machine, led by Lothar Matthaus, Klinsmann and Fyoler.
In the quarterfinals continue England, Italy, FRG, Argentina, Yugoslavia, Ireland, Cameroon and Czechoslovakia. After a shootout drama and football semifinal, the following pairs:
Argentina – Italy 4-3 on penalties
FRG – England – 4-3 on penalties.
In the match for third place in Italy with Baggio composition Lineker beat England 2-1. In an incredibly ugly finish FRG defeated Argentina 1-0 after penalty invented, which at least saves you the grief of the spectators to watch the sequels. The power football takes precedence over beauty, and this World Cup is the subject of tactics “not lose”
On this World Cup scorer is Salvatore Squillaci with 6 goals scored

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