Mexico 1986 – Short Introduction

November 12th, 2011

Argentina WC championThe World Cup 1986 held in Mexico from 31 May to 29 June, the final meet Argentina and FRG. Champion became the “Maradona of the team,” who defeated the Germans 3-2. The organization of the world is accompanied by problems – Colombia has been designated as host, but refused due to economic and political difficulties. In Mexico last time got on with the organization and is doing brilliantly. Again there are changes in the scheme – 24 teams are ranked, but instead of the second group phase and play eight quarterfinal as group out of 16 teams – which include the four best teams in the third group. The qualifications involved in 121 countries, the World Cup debut made Canada, Denmark and Iraq. Because of the Iran-Iraq Iraq Vojko players play all their away matches. Great teams are ranked smoothly, except for only Argentina, which until recently tremble. Excellent impression with his play do the chambers of the USSR and Denmark.
In France 1/8-final matches removes Italy, Spain – Denmark, Argentina – Uruguay, and Belgium – USSR. With little game FRG defeated Morocco and creep forward. In the quarterfinals are played the most beautiful game of World Cup – France beat Brazil 4-3 on penalties, beating Mexico, FRG, Belgium, Spain on penalties removed, and the most controversial match between England and Argentina 1:2. It Maradona scored a goal with his hand, respected by the judges and later became known as the “hand of God.” The second goal of Maradona genius is defined as the most beautiful goal of the XX-th century.
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Spain 1982 – Short Introduction

October 17th, 2011

Spain 1982 footballThe World Cup 1982 held in Spain, a world champion – for the third time – it is the composition of Italy, who won the final of soccer FRG 3-1. The football World Cup takes place from 13 June to 11 July, as it is innovation – instead of 16 teams qualify for the finals 24. FIFA have understood from what source of income may be the World Cup, soccer and plant are determined to do anything to make the most of the money machine. In the ’82 World Cup qualifiers involving 109 team debut as a world stage do not compile Algeria, Cameroon, Honduras, Kuwait and New Zealand. Large Dutch are absent – the finalists of the World in 1974 and World Cup in 1978, Mexico and Sweden. By and Uruguay – double world champion – the world in 1930 and World Cup 1950. The world returns to England – World Cup 1966, the USSR, Czechoslovakia and Belgium. The members of Italy, Yugoslavia, Hungary, Brazil and Chile have no problems getting and FRG team – world champion in 1954 and in 1974 won World group, which includes Bulgaria, Austria, Albania and Finland.
Bulgaria is ranked third, and we observe World Cup ’82 by viewers. Brazil again has great players, including Kotto shine Zico, Socrates, Falkao by three-time champions are expected to win a fourth World Cup. Italy played poorly, but after every game improves your game. The team was inspired by Paolo Rossi, Zoff, the French team shines Michel Platini, Maradona Argentina has, in the composition of the FRG differ Rummenigge, Schumacher and Litbarski.
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Argentina 1978 – Short Introduction

September 14th, 2011

Argentina World Cup 1978The World Cup 1978 held in Argentina, as the final hosts defeated the Netherlands 3-1 after extra time. So after 50 years of experience Argentina became world champion. The eleventh World Cup runs from June 1 to June 25, and qualifications involved in 107 countries. Qualifications are causing troubles for the champions World Cup in 1966, as the expense of England continues composition of Italy – winners of the World Cup in 1934 and 1938 World Cup. World champions in 1930 and 1950 World Cup are not classified as inferior Uruguay on behalf of Bolivia. Brazil is ranked as a habit, but everyone knows that this team does not have the strength to become world champion.
Other losers are the chambers of the USSR, Czechoslovakia – semi-finalists of the World in 1962 and the World in 1934, and Yugoslavia. Bulgaria did not pass the qualifications, and we find ourselves in a group with teams of France and Ireland. One win, two draws and one loss was insufficient to go forward, go to Bonev, which emits a penalty against France in the meeting, which ended 2-2. Debut in the World Cup teams make Iran and Tunisia, and France, Spain and Hungary are ranked again for the first time since World Cup 1966. “Debut” makes the World Cup and Coca-Cola, which became a sponsor of FIFA.
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Germany 1974 – Short Introduction

August 8th, 2011

Germany 1974World Cup 1974 is held in the FRG from 13 June to 7 July. It was won by the hosts, with the finals FRG defeated Netherlands 2-1.
This is the second title champions composition of West Germany, which it is won and in 1954 – the World Championships in Switzerland. Thus, Germany became the first member of the new medium bowl – “FIFA World Cup” after the previous award – “Golden Nike” forever held in Brazil after the third World Cup victory in 1970. In qualifying play 98 teams and bomb dropping most of England – World Cup champion in 1966. Poland managed to remove the British who – and their Public – not held sporting during the decisive match at Wembley. Netherlands ranks thanks to better goal difference from Belgium and a major scandal erupted ahead Chile – Soviet Union – Russians refuse to play in the stadium, which was converted by Pinochet in prison and lose service. Champions World Cup World Cup 34 and 38 are easily classified, all expect miracles from the Italians. Zaire holds representative of Africa, and Champions of the World Cup 30 World Cup 50 – urugvaytsite – are classified only because of better goal difference than that of Colombia.
Debut of the World Cup team makes the GDR, which then achieves a strange victory of FRG. Form a lot of interesting groups, such as Brazil could hardly get through them. It is strange that in his first two games of three-time world champions failed to score. In the second phase in a group are compose of the Netherlands, Brazil, Argentina and the GDR; Argentines fell miserably, and football, which shows in the Netherlands Johan Cruyff and Neeskens is of superb quality.
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Mexico 1970 – Short Introduction

July 26th, 2011

Mexico 1970World Cup 1970 held in Mexico from 31 May to 21 June, was won by Brazil, which defeated the final players of Italy 4-1. Pele became the first player in the world, which is three times world champion – he is embraced buy the World in 1962 and World Cup in 1958. Brazil has qualified for the first time in 12 years and overcome them – as do the teams of Italy, the USSR and Germany. The sensational is the removal of Portugal – the last in their group, and Argentina lost its place at the expense of Peru.
Bulgaria is in a group with teams from the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Poland, after four wins, one draw and one loss completed qualifications as leaders of the group. World champions in 1966 – England – are classified in law and play with the composition of 4 years ago. Qualifications are remembered and silly clashes between El Salvador and Honduras grew up hostilities between the two countries.
Groups come from the teams of Mexico and the Soviet Union, Brazil and England, Italy and Uruguay and West Germany and Peru. Bulgaria is in a group with Peru, Germany and Morocco, as our record draw with Morocco and two losses, one of which is very painful – from 2-0 to 3-2 to Peru. Play in the semifinals only former champions – champions for Brazil World Cup 1930 and World Cup 1950 – Uruguay, the other pairs are the World Champions in 1934 and World Cup 1938 – Italy, playing against the champions of the World Cup 1954 – Germany.
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England 1966 – Short introduction

July 18th, 2011

England 1966The world Cup football in 1966 to play in England, as it takes place from 11 July to 30 July, when playing the final clash between England and West Germany – 4-2 after extra time.
Background – many expect that the World Champions in 1962 and World Cup 1958 – Brazil’s team will win a third time as ever bowl win. Team Brazil is not what it was, Pele was injured and permanently abused on the pitch and the result is shameful – Brazilians fail to overcome group stage. Another big loser is the absence of Czechoslovakia – and the 1962 runner-up of Yugoslavia – the fourth World Cup ’62.
Team West Germany – World champion in 1954 overcame difficult qualifying, but in the ranks of the Germans debut a new star – Franz Beckenbauer.
Team Italy – World Champion in 1934 and 1938 World Cup – ranked only after his last game as the Scots appear to be a serious opponent.
Another two-time world champion – winner of the World in 1930 and World Cup 1950 – Uruguay – ranked smoothly.
The Bulgaria’s way is difficult – fall into a group with Belgium and Israel, still have to play match-barrage in Italy who go back and win the World Cup.
Overall World Cup is a battle between Europe and South America, which is led by all means, as a major role in eliminating the South American teams played judges.
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December 27th, 2010

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Chile 1962 – Finals

December 15th, 2009

Brazil World Champion 1962The finals! For the final match the bets were with advantage for Czechoslovakia and free bet from the main bookmakers. At the National Stadium in Santiago collected just 68 679 spectators. Against one another are the world champions Brazil and surprise “the championship of Czechoslovakia. Game begins in. .. new surprise: the Czechs coach Rudolf Vytlacil (only after 3 years he will lead a national of Bulgaria, will coach Levski Sofia) has replaced the “concrete” with the normal schedule and even with an emphasis on attack. Brazil, albeit with a new coach (Aymore Moreira) has the “Swedish” version. Well, the left wing, Zagata is pulled back slightly in the middle line and the scheme has become figures 4-3-3, but the game has no perceptible change. Technique, pleases the eye, effective football. In the 15th minute, playing his 50th game with the national jersey, Josef Masopust results found for the Czechs. Well, no! Another surprise came to us “little much”. After 2 minutes of offensive Amarildo small corner funny the student with Shroyf – 1:1. Over half second Czechs are already only a counterattack, but Brazil is not “Candice”, while by Zito and Vava not bring things up to something very familiar – 3:1 for Brazil! Likuva nation again. Threat: “There is no sense to come! We will not give anyone the Cup!” is executed. Pele plus eight, which is naturally part of a huge joy, pride with his second title. Zozimo, Mauro Amarildo … are champions for the first time. Happiness of the players and millions “torsida” is deserved. Congratulations! And thank you for the beautiful football again.
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Chile 1962 – Quaterfinals and Half-finals

December 15th, 2009

Brazil 1962A big surprise is taken victory in the first quarter the hosts in Chile strong team over the USSR. And two goals proved guilty legendary (now!) Invanovich goalkeeper Lev Yashin. As an excuse highlights the fact that in their struggle for a ball, Yashin has been hit in the head and therefore has not been adequately acted in “shooting” of Sanchez Rojas and his neck in the final: Chile-USSR 2:1. In another 1 / 4 finals sophisticated team of European vice-champion of Yugoslavia “hitting smacking slap” to the Germans. One, but sufficient – 1:0. Germany, where it is not small at all. (I remember one anecdote in which a hunter tells his friends how to hit in the fifth and bear it “gatnala” spot. “People naturally do not believe him and told him that this might be, but our hero passionately talking them that when she saw the bear, so frightened and in fear that her heart fell in the fifth, but he just hit it … at this point). Brazilians easily eliminated England 3:1. Amarildo (substituted successfully Pele), Vava, Didi and Garrincha (he seems still looking for “that” Wilson) have “taken the word. The opponents do not remain nothing more than to “hear the lecture. Brazil continues to show the English that can be foundress of the game “football”, but not its modern “stylists.” Not justify the expectations that Hungary Albert, Pacific, Fenveshi is the favorite in the match with Czechoslovakia in the last 1 / 4 final, although witnesses say this game that the keeper of the Czechs of Vilyam Shroyf was irresistible and prevent “pogrom” at least 5 goals difference. Instead: Czechoslovakia, Hungary – 1:0.
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Chile 1962 – Group Stage

December 12th, 2009

Group Stage Chile 1962In the first group of European teams relatively easily eliminated their South American rivals. One is Colombia and dropping them adopted quite normal, but the other is a double world champion Uruguay. However Uruguayans are already familiar with Roman “Sik Transit Gloria Mundi” and thus far have not reached to the other: “Everything flows, everything changes!” But Europeans are not and what is a European champion runners-up the USSR and Yugoslavia. (Only 2 years ago in the final of European Championship, they lead an epic battle among themselves – 2:1 aet). Floating even Olympic champions of Rome – 1960 (after 3 consecutive lost the final of the Olympic Games, finally has a title Yugoslavia – 3:1 against Denmark). But in his first game here against the USSR – 0:2, clearly have not forgotten, and felt the “handbrake”, then definitely “the gear” – 3:1 and 5:0 against Uruguay against Colombia. After a strong start, “Sbornaya” slightly “stalled” with 4:4 in a good game in which Colombians stalking some 13 minutes “hibernation” Russian “Bear” Lev Yashin and his “shuffle” goals 4 goals. Against urusite “playing superiority of the Soviet Union has more than its digital terms – 2:1. Moreover, the first match in this group is Uruguay – Colombia – 2:1. Who knows, it is actually soothing?
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