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USA 1994 – Groups Stage

Monday, December 2nd, 2013

BG USA 1994In U.S. history have recorded two memorable moment: Brazil won a fourth title and to achieve it, won his first world final, ended after a scoreless draw at the end of overtime, and settled on penalties. FIFA introduced radical measures in the effort to improve the quality of play: Three points for victory in the first phase of the championship, facilitated offside rule (under which no wait, if the attacker is in line with the last or the last two defenders the opponent), strict penalties for tripping back and generally rough play, and last – injured players will be exported from the site immediately. As a result of changes introduced statistics indicate: 15 removed from the game players and a record 235 warnings. But viewed from the positive side, the changes also bring and to 141 goals in 52 matches – an average of 2.71 per game, which is a significant improvement compared to Italy 1990. Favorite in Group A was undoubtedly inspired by Romania striker Gheorghe Hagi. Well-organized Swiss are ranked second and Colombia, which is also one of the favorites, playing without heart and whatever has been thought and is eliminated. Imperative favorites in Group B are Brazilians and they do not disappoint their colorful and noisy supporters. Strength of Brazil is a wonderful partnership and Romario baby. Romario scored 10 and made 11 goals for his team.