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Chile 1962 – Quaterfinals and Half-finals

Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

Brazil 1962A big surprise is taken victory in the first quarter the hosts in Chile strong team over the USSR. And two goals proved guilty legendary (now!) Invanovich goalkeeper Lev Yashin. As an excuse highlights the fact that in their struggle for a ball, Yashin has been hit in the head and therefore has not been adequately acted in “shooting” of Sanchez Rojas and his neck in the final: Chile-USSR 2:1. In another 1 / 4 finals sophisticated team of European vice-champion of Yugoslavia “hitting smacking slap” to the Germans. One, but sufficient – 1:0. Germany, where it is not small at all. (I remember one anecdote in which a hunter tells his friends how to hit in the fifth and bear it “gatnala” spot. “People naturally do not believe him and told him that this might be, but our hero passionately talking them that when she saw the bear, so frightened and in fear that her heart fell in the fifth, but he just hit it … at this point). Brazilians easily eliminated England 3:1. Amarildo (substituted successfully Pele), Vava, Didi and Garrincha (he seems still looking for “that” Wilson) have “taken the word. The opponents do not remain nothing more than to “hear the lecture. Brazil continues to show the English that can be foundress of the game “football”, but not its modern “stylists.” Not justify the expectations that Hungary Albert, Pacific, Fenveshi is the favorite in the match with Czechoslovakia in the last 1 / 4 final, although witnesses say this game that the keeper of the Czechs of Vilyam Shroyf was irresistible and prevent “pogrom” at least 5 goals difference. Instead: Czechoslovakia, Hungary – 1:0.