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Switzerland 1954 – The finals

Friday, September 18th, 2009

Switzerland 1954 finalSemi-finals! In one measure is met – Hungary beat Uruguay to 4:2. But attention! – After extra time. Well, though the opponent is not anyone Acting World Champion is at this moment. Experts said there is no cause for alarm. Kochi – 2 goals, and Hidegkuti Tsibor of 1 are still alive to curse the enemy and just secured another 30 minutes “bread” for the spectacle of journalists and other … And what do the Germans? The largest among them – the brothers Fritz and Ottmar Walter in 2 times, and Schefer Morlok once “sting” Austrians “to death”. Particularly unexpected but fully deserved the loss from Austria – 1:6. A view of the German team began to change not by days but by hours … Approaching the finale. One team is clear as the sun, like everyone predicted – Hungary. Deserted him “Puskas wolf”! Natrashka herd the whole world, including unexpected sacrificial lamb for the final – Germany. Are deposed world champion and runners-up. Hungarian czardas “admired by football lovers around the world. The names of the gun, Tsibor, Kochi, Christmas, Hidegkuti, Groshich are already legend. Is it worth to play this “excess” finale? Does it make sense? Yes, there is a sense! Because the unpredictability of football is proven once again because they are the Hungarians are the worst play czardas in their lives. (more…)

Brazil 1950 – The finals

Monday, September 14th, 2009

Brazil Uruguay 1950 finalAnd this is her final four! Brazil and Uruguay from South America, Spain and Sweden in Europe. In one game each against all, they will decide “who’s best man, who svat! In the first 4 games things look disguised. While “Urusians” is completely tortured with representatives of the Old Continent – 2:2 v 3:2 and Spain v Sweden, the famed” Carioca “straight” analyze “their rivals and beat them to fight – with 7:1 v 6:1 and Sweden v Spain. With his brilliant technique and speed Zizinyo, Ademir, Zhair and others just have fun and prepare for the triumph of Brazil, which are all firmly convinced. Feast has already begun, even the newspapers “rotate” Circulations with huge headlines’ Cup is ours! “We are World Champions!” Just a formality Forthcoming last match with the “losers” in Uruguay. Nobody and I do not even think to put “one of the mind. Hey So just in case! In this euphoria Match for 3-4 place passes quietly. In almost theatrical atmosphere, both completely ignored the “euro” and teams are not trying very much. However, the Scandinavians are mobilized and show a little more dignity – 3:1. It should be noted only that if the match ends in a draw was the third would be “Iberians”. But who cares about you! (more…)

France 1938 – The Finals

Thursday, September 10th, 2009

Champion France 1938We and the distribution of medals. In the first semifinal of Hungary, Sweden – 5:1 result is logical and fully respect the superiority of the Hungarians. Zhengeler their star is out of control – 3 goals, one more added Sharoshi and Titkosh. Swedes apparently reached its ceiling at this World Championship, are pleased bronze achieved almost without effort, you know that less and enjoy having children and Honorary its goal of its author Niberg. In the second semifinal win Italians – Italy – Brazil – 2:1, but years after this talk that the largest of their “trump card” has been … Swiss judge Vutrizh, SH exists to give 2:0 and closed eyes to flagrant violation of the other door at 2:1. (Remember 1994 – semifinal Italy-Bulgaria – 2:1. Kinyu French judge. And slaughter to which we submit it Devil’s spawn. Without quotes.). Anyway, last year and will Brazilians will avenge. 2 times! In the match for third place, the Swedes with a halftime lead of 2:1. Normal. Brazilians not yet got the bitter of injustice. In the second half, however, simply because, from the game, Brazil introduces single 3 goals against a strong physical, disciplined, but unimaginative Sweden – 4:2. Small consolation for spoiled! (more…)