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Mexico 1986 – Short Introduction

Saturday, November 12th, 2011

Argentina WC championThe World Cup 1986 held in Mexico from 31 May to 29 June, the final meet Argentina and FRG. Champion became the “Maradona of the team,” who defeated the Germans 3-2. The organization of the world is accompanied by problems – Colombia has been designated as host, but refused due to economic and political difficulties. In Mexico last time got on with the organization and is doing brilliantly. Again there are changes in the scheme – 24 teams are ranked, but instead of the second group phase and play eight quarterfinal as group out of 16 teams – which include the four best teams in the third group. The qualifications involved in 121 countries, the World Cup debut made Canada, Denmark and Iraq. Because of the Iran-Iraq Iraq Vojko players play all their away matches. Great teams are ranked smoothly, except for only Argentina, which until recently tremble. Excellent impression with his play do the chambers of the USSR and Denmark.
In France 1/8-final matches removes Italy, Spain – Denmark, Argentina – Uruguay, and Belgium – USSR. With little game FRG defeated Morocco and creep forward. In the quarterfinals are played the most beautiful game of World Cup – France beat Brazil 4-3 on penalties, beating Mexico, FRG, Belgium, Spain on penalties removed, and the most controversial match between England and Argentina 1:2. It Maradona scored a goal with his hand, respected by the judges and later became known as the “hand of God.” The second goal of Maradona genius is defined as the most beautiful goal of the XX-th century.

Spain 1982 – Short Introduction

Monday, October 17th, 2011

Spain 1982 footballThe World Cup 1982 held in Spain, a world champion – for the third time – it is the composition of Italy, who won the final of soccer FRG 3-1. The football World Cup takes place from 13 June to 11 July, as it is innovation – instead of 16 teams qualify for the finals 24. FIFA have understood from what source of income may be the World Cup, soccer and plant are determined to do anything to make the most of the money machine. In the ’82 World Cup qualifiers involving 109 team debut as a world stage do not compile Algeria, Cameroon, Honduras, Kuwait and New Zealand. Large Dutch are absent – the finalists of the World in 1974 and World Cup in 1978, Mexico and Sweden. By and Uruguay – double world champion – the world in 1930 and World Cup 1950. The world returns to England – World Cup 1966, the USSR, Czechoslovakia and Belgium. The members of Italy, Yugoslavia, Hungary, Brazil and Chile have no problems getting and FRG team – world champion in 1954 and in 1974 won World group, which includes Bulgaria, Austria, Albania and Finland.
Bulgaria is ranked third, and we observe World Cup ’82 by viewers. Brazil again has great players, including Kotto shine Zico, Socrates, Falkao by three-time champions are expected to win a fourth World Cup. Italy played poorly, but after every game improves your game. The team was inspired by Paolo Rossi, Zoff, the French team shines Michel Platini, Maradona Argentina has, in the composition of the FRG differ Rummenigge, Schumacher and Litbarski.

Chile 1962 – Qualifications

Monday, December 7th, 2009

Chile 1962When the FIFA Congress in Melbourne in 1956, assigned to the household of Chile, many are, to put it mildly, surprised. All believe in the interest and enthusiasm of the Chilean public, but not in the ability of small South American country name ruthlessly capsicum, located in the foothills of the Andes, to organize such a big event. Moreover, when the May 21, 1960, exactly 2 years and 9 days before the World Cup, comes the big tragedy. Cool earthquake spare nothing and no one in Chile. The implications are terrifying. The whole world sympathizes of Chile, all countries can help with anything. Only holding the World Cup is in doubt, but Football Federation chief Carlos Ditborn supported by the most eminent people in Chile, headed by the president, said: “Do not give up!” Golden Nike “where players will fight, lhave become a symbol of our faith, the angel of our nation, arousing optimism days after the tragedy. ” I. .. Chile is doing! The show, called World Championship, gets high marks. Is an excellent financial result. Figure of 3.5 million dollars very impressed Sir Stanley Rose. Englishman is now head of FIFA, after the death of his predecessor, Arthur Dryuri in 1961

Sweden 1958 – The Introduction

Saturday, September 19th, 2009

Sweden 1958 BrazilTurn of South America to organize the World Cup, but time passes and no candidate and no. Running aid of good old Europe again in the face of Sweden. Nobody is opposing, and contrary to the elite hitting Scandinavia. Subsequently, it appears that the choice of FIFA has hit in dozens. Green fields and forests, crystal lakes, tranquility and comfort of Sweden as finalists make the stay pleasant and quiet. To add to all this wonderful conditions for football, which offers this time of year (June) short Swedish summer. For summer, these latitudes, I asked one Swede: “You know here you have a real summer – hot, muggy?” And he slightly offended, replied: “What do we have to, it was people? On June 22 from 7 am, and all the way to 19:30 in the evening!” Just between these 2-championships (1954-1958) died Jules Rimet (24.10.1873-15.10.1956). International football movement lost its great shape. Rarely, cultural and civilized, extremely loyal to the game, he is the president of FIFA from 1921. and will remain in history as the man with lots of love, and twice more tenacity, overcoming enormous difficulties of any kind, creating a true miracle – World Cup. As a token of appreciation and respect for him, still alive in 1946. delegates at the FIFA congress unanimously decided to name the World Cup, better known as the Golden Nike “in its name. Sounds a bit authoritarian, but a fact – until 1970. official name of the World Cup is “Jules Rimet Cup”. And something interesting – from 1960. and a European Cup. Bowl, which received European champions, called “Henri Delaunay Cup”, ie named after the faithful follower of Jules Rimet and long gene. FIFA secretary Henri Delaunay. (more…)

Switzerland 1954 – The Quarterfinals

Thursday, September 17th, 2009

Fritz WalterComes the turn of the quarter. Uruguay-England – 4:2. Characters from past World Cup Schiaffino, Andrade, Varela … again among the best. Strongly impressed by young defender SantamarĂ­a. They inflicted a new blow to the prestige of English football. Billy Wright, Lofthaus, Finney give everything, but it obviously is not something more serious. Hungary-Brazil – 4:2. The bulls have no leader and rifle that adds even more value for their victory. On top of that they actually finished the match with 8 players playing, because Christmas was expelled, and Thoth – injured and is just super on the field (up to 1968-70g qualifications. Will be resolved in 2 shifts. Since 1996 season., Autumn changes in the permitted starting lineup are 3 pcs). Then the game’s hero becomes 9-th. Groshich goalkeeper Gyula. Because Brazilians are not transmitted. On the contrary! And they fascinate the audience. But not as Hungarians. At least not yet … Among the “carioca” has emerged a new wave – Didi, Bellini, Nilton, Jhalma, who were condemned to live a great footballing glory. But not now. Everything will start after 4 years. Many legends will live. But not now! (more…)

Uruguay 1930 – Groups Stage

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009

Uruguay 1930July 13 1930 For the first time in history – a game for the football World Cup. Judge Lombard teams out of Uruguay in France and Mexico and played the first signal of an initial attack. The first goal was made by the French Laurent, and the match ends 4:1 for France. The group of France and Mexico are juicy and one of favorites of the I-it World Championship – Argentinians. Indeed Argentina reaches first place in the group, giving a right to participate in semifinals, but not without the kind assistance of the judges. In the match against France, with the result 1:0 for Argentinians in the 85th minutes last year Frenchman overcomes porter and guide the ball to the goal-line. All are aware – equalizer, but this time the judge Rego from Brazil playing … end of the game while (?!), “leather ball (ah, what a parasite) is rolling the network. First unspeakable scandal in the history of the World Championship. And in the match Argentina-Mexico (6:3) are playing 5 (five!) Shootout. Record, unbeaten so far. (more…)