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France 1938 – The Finals

Thursday, September 10th, 2009

Champion France 1938We and the distribution of medals. In the first semifinal of Hungary, Sweden – 5:1 result is logical and fully respect the superiority of the Hungarians. Zhengeler their star is out of control – 3 goals, one more added Sharoshi and Titkosh. Swedes apparently reached its ceiling at this World Championship, are pleased bronze achieved almost without effort, you know that less and enjoy having children and Honorary its goal of its author Niberg. In the second semifinal win Italians – Italy – Brazil – 2:1, but years after this talk that the largest of their “trump card” has been … Swiss judge Vutrizh, SH exists to give 2:0 and closed eyes to flagrant violation of the other door at 2:1. (Remember 1994 – semifinal Italy-Bulgaria – 2:1. Kinyu French judge. And slaughter to which we submit it Devil’s spawn. Without quotes.). Anyway, last year and will Brazilians will avenge. 2 times! In the match for third place, the Swedes with a halftime lead of 2:1. Normal. Brazilians not yet got the bitter of injustice. In the second half, however, simply because, from the game, Brazil introduces single 3 goals against a strong physical, disciplined, but unimaginative Sweden – 4:2. Small consolation for spoiled! (more…)

France 1938 – The Quarterfinals

Wednesday, September 9th, 2009

Italy team 1938On quarterfinal receive expected results and things start to be arranged: 1. Hungary-Switzerland – 2:0. Easy game for Hungary. They even do not bend very much. 2. Sweden-Cuba – 8:0. Ah, what the Swedes were lucky at this World Championship! Not long that quarterfinals not have played and 1 seconds, but here they fell at the lightest competitor. Especially given that Cuba’s been squeezed up those 210 minutes of unparalleled world football glory in their history, the 1/8 finals. Say “unparalleled” and really should say “eternal” because Cuba is the first and last part of the football World Cup. Well, at least while I’m alive! (I like to joke grandfather Lord, I ask if it will become a normal country, and he turn away: “I happen will happen! But I do not know whether I am alive!”). 3. Italy-France – 3:1. This game will remain in history with demonstrated for the first time “reverse scissors” – famous impact of Silvio Piola, which to this day is called “a’la Piola. Whether the victory was due to the strong play of adzurite “or rather the result of domestic kindness” to “cocks”? This time will tell. (more…)

France 1938 – Introduction

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

France 1938 world cupFrance where the most flagrant way is declared the host (breached the principle of rotation of the continent) to large (more) football “family” should have divorce. South Americans immediately declare boycott (the exception is Brazil – the only country in the world, participated in all World Championships so far) and are replaced by world football powers as Cuba and Netherlands Antilles ( ‘s World Championship, though!). After World continue and who knows how he would do this “dunanma” if humanity was faced with a fatally “To be or not to be?” The next world championship is only after 12 years and those surviving after at greatest tragedy in the XX Century (II-th World War) was so happy that they are alive, that they forget all their “white troubles”. The decision to host III-this world championship was taken off the normal situation during the Olympics – 1936 in Berlin. How are convinced the delegates at the Congress of FIFA by Jules Rime – President and Henri Case – gene. Secretary (both, you remember, the French!)? History closed eyes, but obviously the question of (not) morality is not yesterday. To strife aside and accidents and return to the topic. (more…)