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Italy 1934 – The Champion

Monday, September 7th, 2009

Italy 1934 ChampionAnd 4 teams are in the “base camp”, which will attack the top pair and which can only be securing? This will be decided semifinals. The first – Italy looks very tired against Austria. We can not else after those exhausting 210 minutes of the quarterfinal. However, “Skuadra adzura” seems to be collected in your fist and hit enter. Great merit is the “Argentinian” trio Monti, Orsi and Guayta (author of goals). In the second half the Italians resorted to their specialty – katenacho. Closed all doors to pass, the team is going entirely deaf protection. Time passes and the Austrians did not manage to find a way to test the “concrete”. Italy pain as bad devil, but retain a minimum 1:0 and qualify for the finals, declaring the end of the great “Vundertim. Occur and such things – Austrians are clearly not missed time to be the best team on the planet – two world championships. In the other semifinal Czechs in nothing like himself from the first 2 matches of the world – play, and is short. Before their mighty Germans seem cumbersome and helpless. No problems for players of Czechoslovakia, not just believe. Shape everywhere, and their goalscorer Neyedli is untenable – hat-trick. Germans still do not miss to put an honorable goal for the final 1:3. In the match for third place Austrians are still tired from the semi and did not resist the pressure of Germany – 2:3. Bright starts lasting presence of the Germans of the football World Cup. (more…)