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Sweden 1958 – Groups Stage

Sunday, September 20th, 2009

Sweden 1958 groupsWhat else? Pele? Long, probably forever, will sit on the royal throne. The king of sports, football, I found his King. The only elected by the people, the only truly loved by all! But not only Pele and Garrincha. In Brazil’s team are still magical “Manager” Didi, Vava incredible scorer, tireless Zito and happy ant Zagata, exclusive backs Nilton and Jhalma, the best goalkeeper in the history of Brazilian Zhilmar (ah, how their patina Brazilians lack of good goalies, but what to do – those with virtuosos like to attack the ball to score goals, to juggling, collecting applause, and not to stay and keep the door). Do not miss them and coach Vincent Feola, the creator of the most beautiful and impressive, and effective tactical scheme: 4-2-4. In conclusion – the appearance is famed, “extraterrestrial” team, which will fascinate all with beautiful and elegant football and will conquer the world! In other matches in this group: the USSR beat Austria at 2:0, and England made “only” 2:2 with the same rival. A further match between the USSR and Britain in. .. England extend beyond 0:1. The albinoses will wait for more. Winged goddess of victory Nike continues to take revenge on them that have long been ignored it. In the second group (Sweden, Mexico, Hungary and Wales), the hosts calmly and confidently reach? finals, beating Mexico by Hungary with 3:0 and 2:1. Their goalless draw with Wales is a formality. The Regulation, which disregards the goal difference, most Hungarians are harmed. They won against the “sombrero” in 4:0, but lost in the Supplementary Wales match of 1:2. “The Celts” so far without a victory, but without loss – with Hungary 1:1 in their first match 0:0 and twice in the other two. It is important to win just when you need and only victory Wales discards “bled” Hungary from further participation in this World Cup. (more…)

Switzerland 1954 – Groups Stage

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009

Switzerland 1954 groups stageThe first group (France, Brazil, Yugoslavia, Mexico), one “leader”, France, drops! According to French specialists, the team is not bad for football, but is much stronger in the game … whiteness. The winners here are Brazil and Yugoslavia. After their victories in the first round against Mexico, respectively, with 5:0 and 1:0 in France, “Carioca” and “floating” your smarter a strategic draw – 1:1 and company (and even easy) jump over the barrier to the quarterfinals. “The cocks” fight hard “Sombrero” with 3:2 in their last match of this World, but what good … In the second group (Hungary, Germany, Turkey, Korea) were injected 41 goals in 5 matches! Average of 8.2 goals per game! Reasonably question arises: “But those I have played football?” Awesome record, which will never be repeated. The main merit of this performance is especially big difference in the class of teams. To be specific: Hungary, Korea – 9:0, Turkey-Germany – 1:4, Hungary, Germany – 8:3!, Turkey, Korea – 7:0 and supplemented. Turkey-Germany match – 2:7. Impressions: first part of the Asian team in World Cup history (hardly ever Asia will want to remember it!). Record victory in history – 9:0! (however, this difference will be repeated in 1974. repeated 3rd time and in 1982. but not improved!) Hungary defeated Germany! With 8:3! Puskas – 2 goals, Hidegkuti – 2, Kochi – 3 in his element. Most surprising is that this result is not perceived as a great surprise for your time. On the contrary! At that time Hungary was unbeatable (if?). After the whole 4 years and 31 matches without loss, all concur that the Hungarians have only a walk to Bern, Geneva, Basel, to be crowned. The world is frightening, touched, fascinated “by the unseen and particularly brilliant manner in which they play. Incredible double resonance has great impact, which affix to the homeland of Hungary England football, a year before the World Cup. The English are dispelled in 6:3 with “soft” th football – Wembley Stadium and 7:1 in Budapest! Phenomenal, right! And the Germans? Nobody, not even for a moment and not think that the “old fox” Herbeger September, coach, think terrible plans. Why is it preferred to become a pratfall, sending a “slaughter” their team with 8 players back on the field? A “driver” Turkey is crushed cockroach. Keto boot from Germany – 4:1 and 7:2. Let him pick those smart heads who have decided that not still killed hydra Germany is weaker team. (more…)

Brazil 1950 – Groups Stage

Saturday, September 12th, 2009

World Cup 1950In the first group (Brazil, Mexico, Yugoslavia, Switzerland), Brazil is imperative! Almost … Mexico were beaten by 4:0 and 2:0 with Yugoslavia, but Switzerland with its rational game not only presents great surprise – in the 90th minute at 2:2 Fridlander great blow to kick the beam … In that game against Alpians lights “warning light” for the “carioca” but they did not pay attention, the more they are beaten “the Serbs”, according to specialists who are most powerful Europeans in this World Cup. (I must have made when Yugoslavia with ease mob with Switzerland (3:0) and Mexico (4:1), but remains second and fell.) In the second group (Spain, USA, Chile, England) are the best Spaniards (3:1 v United States, 2:0 v Chile and 1:0 v England), but has an extremely strong response to the fall English football after England USA – 0:1. English for many years were considered invincible. Not participate in international football life. Play only with their neighbors in Albion, Grom them constantly. Considered frivolous to match forces with others, so be it and the World Cup here in Brazil, you pay tax mania for greatness. Loss of “tourists” to the U.S. is not only offensive, but is one of the biggest sensation in World Cup history. The players, wearing a shirt with his chest three recumbent lions, descend to the ground and a long, long will remember the murderous irony, which welcomed them to the island. Indeed, since then, and to this day, still has some amateur to be “kidded on the ground and beat” parents “! Often! But who know in 1950. imagined that so you will easily collapse a myth – the myth of their invincibility. (more…)

Uruguay 1930 – Groups Stage

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009

Uruguay 1930July 13 1930 For the first time in history – a game for the football World Cup. Judge Lombard teams out of Uruguay in France and Mexico and played the first signal of an initial attack. The first goal was made by the French Laurent, and the match ends 4:1 for France. The group of France and Mexico are juicy and one of favorites of the I-it World Championship – Argentinians. Indeed Argentina reaches first place in the group, giving a right to participate in semifinals, but not without the kind assistance of the judges. In the match against France, with the result 1:0 for Argentinians in the 85th minutes last year Frenchman overcomes porter and guide the ball to the goal-line. All are aware – equalizer, but this time the judge Rego from Brazil playing … end of the game while (?!), “leather ball (ah, what a parasite) is rolling the network. First unspeakable scandal in the history of the World Championship. And in the match Argentina-Mexico (6:3) are playing 5 (five!) Shootout. Record, unbeaten so far. (more…)