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Switzerland 1954 – The Introduction and Qualifications

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

Switzerland 1954Switzerland’s decision to host a World Cup V, was taken at the congress of FIFA in 1946. in Luxembourg by consensus (in fact, in the same way otgava is selected and the previous host – Brazil). This tiny alpine country is preferred mostly because there almost no signs of terrible Second World War. The choice is successful – beautiful cities and stadiums expect comfortable stay. In the qualifications expected results are obtained with only one big surprise. After an exchange of domestic victories – Spain 4:1 to 1:0 in Madrid and Istanbul in Turkey to be played and the third match between these 2 teams in Rome (until 1966. Incl. Goal difference is no additional factor for FIFA. Nor are resolved and changes of players in official matches). The match is not decided in overtime – and 2:2 for the first and last time in the history of the championships, one team sends lots of World Cup finals. Fortuna, transformed small guy to an infant, smiling Turkey. Bulgaria, after a series of “wise” administrative decisions (such as the inclusion of the national championship team in the country in 1953 again failed .?!?), – 2 losses in Romania, with 1:3 and 1:2, and one from Czechoslovakia with 1 : 2, and equality in Bratislava (0:0) is a weak consolation. Apparently, our time has not yet come.

Brazil 1950 – Introduction

Friday, September 11th, 2009

Brazil 1950If England is the home of football, then, undoubtedly, Brazil is its temple. This sport because there is really deification and its characters are idols, built a cult. Not accidentally, most players in the coffee country have nicknames and aliases, just like when artists. And when, despite the hardships of the postwar years, the creator of the World Football Championships Jules Rimet take effective steps to restore the tradition and Brazil is set to host the IV-th Congress of the World Cup by FIFA in 1946. Luxembourg, everyone is happy. Unfortunately, because of permanent political and economic crises and social instability in the temple, “this meeting of football powers in 1950. there is only one in the history of the world, at least for now. Before the World Cup shows that will debut only 1 team and what it is! – England! Finally … Proud team come as Aslan, but will soon leave as con … But this – later. It is worth mention extremely emotional in qualifying matches between France and Yugoslavia. After 1:1 in Paris and Belgrade, it is 3rd match in Florence. In the 90th minute SHIPPING equalize – 2:2 (can not but think in this moment of “executioner” of “Rooster” – Emil Kostadinov) and one in overtime to rescue impossible goal of Zlatko Tchaikovsky almost line, sends our neighbors to the West finals. And we? Not even “doing mouth to participate. (more…)

France 1938 – Introduction

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

France 1938 world cupFrance where the most flagrant way is declared the host (breached the principle of rotation of the continent) to large (more) football “family” should have divorce. South Americans immediately declare boycott (the exception is Brazil – the only country in the world, participated in all World Championships so far) and are replaced by world football powers as Cuba and Netherlands Antilles ( ‘s World Championship, though!). After World continue and who knows how he would do this “dunanma” if humanity was faced with a fatally “To be or not to be?” The next world championship is only after 12 years and those surviving after at greatest tragedy in the XX Century (II-th World War) was so happy that they are alive, that they forget all their “white troubles”. The decision to host III-this world championship was taken off the normal situation during the Olympics – 1936 in Berlin. How are convinced the delegates at the Congress of FIFA by Jules Rime – President and Henri Case – gene. Secretary (both, you remember, the French!)? History closed eyes, but obviously the question of (not) morality is not yesterday. To strife aside and accidents and return to the topic. (more…)

Uruguay 1930 – introduction

Tuesday, September 1st, 2009

Wordcup 1930Uruguay was chosen to host mainly because of 2 reasons. The team of this small South American country 2 times the line is the Olympic champion in football (1924 in Paris, in the final 3:0 against Switzerland and 1928 Amsterdam, the final 1:1 after extra time and 2:0 against Argentina) and the principle of hosting the FIFA World Championship to a party with strong football reputation, a long time is observed. Second argument in favor of Uruguay is the fact that in 1930 to celebrate the 100 anniversary of its declaration of independence. And the curious thing – during the debates in Barcelona, when deciding the question of the household, asked the delegate of Uruguay Buena liege, if they have suitable stadiums. The answer was: “No problem! More tomorrow send a telegram to begin construction of the stadium” Sentenario “(centennial). Indeed Uuguayans create and manage miracle. About 1 years! Well, finishing works accompanied championship, but either way it remains only championship in history, all matches being played in one stadium and he is the “Sentenario. (more…)