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Italy 1934 – The first Stage

Saturday, September 5th, 2009

England Italy match 1934The 1/8 finals (first stage) a knife they cut the 16 teams of 2 halves. Who says the World Championship has not yet begun and about 200 players, coaches, doctors, masseurs and so similar, you are preparing special and months will have to catch the road. But what to do – direct elimination of laws are just iron. What makes the most impression after the first 8 matches of this World Championship? This is the absolute superiority of Europeans in the matches against the representatives of other continents. (For the first time in the history of the world championship team from Africa participated, along with those of both Europe and Americas). And if you go home early U.S. and Egypt is not no surprise, then removal of Brazil and especially vise-champion of previous World Championships in Argentina, is the whole drama. It should be noted, of course, that further Argentinians canceled by the absence of their stars to their ranks Monty (bronze medalist of 1930) Orsi and Guawta. These three actually part of this World Championship and even the principals are on the team, but … of the hosts. Why? Washout Italians are some so-called law. “oriundi, ie foreigners with Italian ancestry, and together they have some pressing problems not only of those, making them their compatriots. Ah, the times, ex, manners! (more…)