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Italy 1934 – Quaterfinals

Sunday, September 6th, 2009

Guzeppe MeazzaAre highly contested quarterfinal. Beat with only 1 goal difference and talking about telling aligned capabilities of European forces in the sport. Next: 1. Austria-Hungary – 2:1. Short technical passes, brilliant combinations surprise hit – these are the characteristics of both teams in this game. That what else – and you have until your 15 years Tina both countries within one empire, and this is a significant development in the same political, social, economic and social plan. And I like to say: Football is the double of life itself (and the conditions and who live), with its ups and downs, joy and sorrows. Austrian “Vundertim” won, albeit difficult, that duel and its third year already knows the taste of the loss, but something in the “machine” grating. No longer looks “unbeatable team”, rather is a “team unbowed. Still … Hungarians are not only fully equal in the long periods are better, but … 2. Germany-Sweden – 2:1. Germans are more “Saxons” of the Swedes on the ground – this is undeniable fact. Duel at times is only fear – plenty of power plays demonstrations of physical strength and power, but where is the ball … Alas! Is subjected to severe test – given its Olympic slogan: “A high, more, faster!” (and further, I would add). However, as the tape accidentally enter 3 times in the neck … (more…)