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Sweden 1958 – The Quarter and Semi Finals

Monday, September 21st, 2009

Sweden 1958 semi-finalThe overall conclusion after playing in the finals is that the teams played extra games, obviously not recovered his power, but the mere turn of the championship obviously shows that those who go the semifinals, are the most dignified “square” in world football in 1950. But what happened in the 4 game, which was “cut head” of the other 4? Swedes are definitely better than the players of the USSR – 2:0, Germany is “sweating and struggling, but many will score the winning goal – 1:0 against Yugoslavia. The French more than firm against Red-haired North Ireland – 4:0. And the Brazilians? Tough match against Wales. Sammy makes his case. Terrible play somehow, even frivolous. You can tell that they are much better, but .. However, and this match will go down in history. The first goal for Brazil’s Pele! Will take years. King (only 17 years in Sweden ’58) will play over 1300 games, will score over 1200 goals, but in hundreds of interviews will argue that he has never scored a more important and more beautiful goal from the one which beat Brazil Wales 1:0. And indeed: Pele is the boundary of the box with his back toward the door. Took the ball to chest, and take it with her right leg above the transfer head, rotates 180 degrees to the left leg and crashing it into the network. All this – without the ball to touch the ground. Virtuoso! (more…)

Switzerland 1954 – The Quarterfinals

Thursday, September 17th, 2009

Fritz WalterComes the turn of the quarter. Uruguay-England – 4:2. Characters from past World Cup Schiaffino, Andrade, Varela … again among the best. Strongly impressed by young defender SantamarĂ­a. They inflicted a new blow to the prestige of English football. Billy Wright, Lofthaus, Finney give everything, but it obviously is not something more serious. Hungary-Brazil – 4:2. The bulls have no leader and rifle that adds even more value for their victory. On top of that they actually finished the match with 8 players playing, because Christmas was expelled, and Thoth – injured and is just super on the field (up to 1968-70g qualifications. Will be resolved in 2 shifts. Since 1996 season., Autumn changes in the permitted starting lineup are 3 pcs). Then the game’s hero becomes 9-th. Groshich goalkeeper Gyula. Because Brazilians are not transmitted. On the contrary! And they fascinate the audience. But not as Hungarians. At least not yet … Among the “carioca” has emerged a new wave – Didi, Bellini, Nilton, Jhalma, who were condemned to live a great footballing glory. But not now. Everything will start after 4 years. Many legends will live. But not now! (more…)

France 1938 – The Quarterfinals

Wednesday, September 9th, 2009

Italy team 1938On quarterfinal receive expected results and things start to be arranged: 1. Hungary-Switzerland – 2:0. Easy game for Hungary. They even do not bend very much. 2. Sweden-Cuba – 8:0. Ah, what the Swedes were lucky at this World Championship! Not long that quarterfinals not have played and 1 seconds, but here they fell at the lightest competitor. Especially given that Cuba’s been squeezed up those 210 minutes of unparalleled world football glory in their history, the 1/8 finals. Say “unparalleled” and really should say “eternal” because Cuba is the first and last part of the football World Cup. Well, at least while I’m alive! (I like to joke grandfather Lord, I ask if it will become a normal country, and he turn away: “I happen will happen! But I do not know whether I am alive!”). 3. Italy-France – 3:1. This game will remain in history with demonstrated for the first time “reverse scissors” – famous impact of Silvio Piola, which to this day is called “a’la Piola. Whether the victory was due to the strong play of adzurite “or rather the result of domestic kindness” to “cocks”? This time will tell. (more…)