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USA 1994 – Qualifications and Introduction

Sunday, December 1st, 2013

Stoichkov 94In 1988, FIFA decided 15th World Cup (1994) to be held in the U.S., ignoring the applications of Morocco and Brazil. This choice surprised many who believe that the United States has very little football fans and stadiums would remain half empty. Subsequently, the facts contradict these opinions. Place a record attendance of football matches (3600000 people), who now, after playing three more world championships and an increase in the number of participants is not improved. The format of holding the tournament remains the same as in 1990 – 24 th participant, divided into six groups of four. Sixteen teams qualify for the next stage – winners of the group, second highest and the four best third team. Winners in second round play in the quarter, the winners play in the quarterfinals of the semifinals. Losers of the semifinals play match for third place winners – finish. When equality of direct elimination matches are played in double overtime fifteen minutes and again if there is no winner it is followed by penalty shootout. The same rule applies for the finals. This format is used for the last time, as participants in 1998 were increased to 32 teams. At USA 1994 came into operation for the first time the new scoring system, where victory is given three points, rather than the two, and equality – one. This gives a higher value of the victory, and renders equality as a strategic result.
147 teams compete in qualifying rounds for the World Cup 1994. Are 22 vacant seats out of 24 because the U.S. and Germany are ranked by law – the first country to host, and the second as defending world champion title.