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Switzerland 1954 – The finals

Friday, September 18th, 2009

Switzerland 1954 finalSemi-finals! In one measure is met – Hungary beat Uruguay to 4:2. But attention! – After extra time. Well, though the opponent is not anyone Acting World Champion is at this moment. Experts said there is no cause for alarm. Kochi – 2 goals, and Hidegkuti Tsibor of 1 are still alive to curse the enemy and just secured another 30 minutes “bread” for the spectacle of journalists and other … And what do the Germans? The largest among them – the brothers Fritz and Ottmar Walter in 2 times, and Schefer Morlok once “sting” Austrians “to death”. Particularly unexpected but fully deserved the loss from Austria – 1:6. A view of the German team began to change not by days but by hours … Approaching the finale. One team is clear as the sun, like everyone predicted – Hungary. Deserted him “Puskas wolf”! Natrashka herd the whole world, including unexpected sacrificial lamb for the final – Germany. Are deposed world champion and runners-up. Hungarian czardas “admired by football lovers around the world. The names of the gun, Tsibor, Kochi, Christmas, Hidegkuti, Groshich are already legend. Is it worth to play this “excess” finale? Does it make sense? Yes, there is a sense! Because the unpredictability of football is proven once again because they are the Hungarians are the worst play czardas in their lives. (more…)

Switzerland 1954 – The Quarterfinals

Thursday, September 17th, 2009

Fritz WalterComes the turn of the quarter. Uruguay-England – 4:2. Characters from past World Cup Schiaffino, Andrade, Varela … again among the best. Strongly impressed by young defender SantamarĂ­a. They inflicted a new blow to the prestige of English football. Billy Wright, Lofthaus, Finney give everything, but it obviously is not something more serious. Hungary-Brazil – 4:2. The bulls have no leader and rifle that adds even more value for their victory. On top of that they actually finished the match with 8 players playing, because Christmas was expelled, and Thoth – injured and is just super on the field (up to 1968-70g qualifications. Will be resolved in 2 shifts. Since 1996 season., Autumn changes in the permitted starting lineup are 3 pcs). Then the game’s hero becomes 9-th. Groshich goalkeeper Gyula. Because Brazilians are not transmitted. On the contrary! And they fascinate the audience. But not as Hungarians. At least not yet … Among the “carioca” has emerged a new wave – Didi, Bellini, Nilton, Jhalma, who were condemned to live a great footballing glory. But not now. Everything will start after 4 years. Many legends will live. But not now! (more…)

Switzerland 1954 – Groups Stage

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009

Switzerland 1954 groups stageThe first group (France, Brazil, Yugoslavia, Mexico), one “leader”, France, drops! According to French specialists, the team is not bad for football, but is much stronger in the game … whiteness. The winners here are Brazil and Yugoslavia. After their victories in the first round against Mexico, respectively, with 5:0 and 1:0 in France, “Carioca” and “floating” your smarter a strategic draw – 1:1 and company (and even easy) jump over the barrier to the quarterfinals. “The cocks” fight hard “Sombrero” with 3:2 in their last match of this World, but what good … In the second group (Hungary, Germany, Turkey, Korea) were injected 41 goals in 5 matches! Average of 8.2 goals per game! Reasonably question arises: “But those I have played football?” Awesome record, which will never be repeated. The main merit of this performance is especially big difference in the class of teams. To be specific: Hungary, Korea – 9:0, Turkey-Germany – 1:4, Hungary, Germany – 8:3!, Turkey, Korea – 7:0 and supplemented. Turkey-Germany match – 2:7. Impressions: first part of the Asian team in World Cup history (hardly ever Asia will want to remember it!). Record victory in history – 9:0! (however, this difference will be repeated in 1974. repeated 3rd time and in 1982. but not improved!) Hungary defeated Germany! With 8:3! Puskas – 2 goals, Hidegkuti – 2, Kochi – 3 in his element. Most surprising is that this result is not perceived as a great surprise for your time. On the contrary! At that time Hungary was unbeatable (if?). After the whole 4 years and 31 matches without loss, all concur that the Hungarians have only a walk to Bern, Geneva, Basel, to be crowned. The world is frightening, touched, fascinated “by the unseen and particularly brilliant manner in which they play. Incredible double resonance has great impact, which affix to the homeland of Hungary England football, a year before the World Cup. The English are dispelled in 6:3 with “soft” th football – Wembley Stadium and 7:1 in Budapest! Phenomenal, right! And the Germans? Nobody, not even for a moment and not think that the “old fox” Herbeger September, coach, think terrible plans. Why is it preferred to become a pratfall, sending a “slaughter” their team with 8 players back on the field? A “driver” Turkey is crushed cockroach. Keto boot from Germany – 4:1 and 7:2. Let him pick those smart heads who have decided that not still killed hydra Germany is weaker team. (more…)

Switzerland 1954 – The Introduction and Qualifications

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

Switzerland 1954Switzerland’s decision to host a World Cup V, was taken at the congress of FIFA in 1946. in Luxembourg by consensus (in fact, in the same way otgava is selected and the previous host – Brazil). This tiny alpine country is preferred mostly because there almost no signs of terrible Second World War. The choice is successful – beautiful cities and stadiums expect comfortable stay. In the qualifications expected results are obtained with only one big surprise. After an exchange of domestic victories – Spain 4:1 to 1:0 in Madrid and Istanbul in Turkey to be played and the third match between these 2 teams in Rome (until 1966. Incl. Goal difference is no additional factor for FIFA. Nor are resolved and changes of players in official matches). The match is not decided in overtime – and 2:2 for the first and last time in the history of the championships, one team sends lots of World Cup finals. Fortuna, transformed small guy to an infant, smiling Turkey. Bulgaria, after a series of “wise” administrative decisions (such as the inclusion of the national championship team in the country in 1953 again failed .?!?), – 2 losses in Romania, with 1:3 and 1:2, and one from Czechoslovakia with 1 : 2, and equality in Bratislava (0:0) is a weak consolation. Apparently, our time has not yet come.