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Italy 1990 – Short Introduction

Wednesday, December 4th, 2013

Italy 1990 GermanyThe World Cup 1990 is held in Italy from 8 June to 8 July, 1990 World Champion team of the FRG is who wins the final composition of Argentina 1-0. Debut of the World Cup teams make the UAE, Ireland and Costa Rica. Teams of Chile and Mexico are disqualified – because Mexicans forgery of official documents of the players and Chileans – adjusted for induced and scandal associated with injury to their neck. Bulgaria shows the weakest game in the qualifiers, ranked last in the group with Romania, Denmark and Greece. Place a few amazing record – for the first time a repetition of the final confrontation for the first time and the finalists are led by their former coaches. Surprise is the removal of France and Denmark in the qualifying groups and the most interesting is the clash between the FRG and the Netherlands. Two equal match and both teams continue forward. Brazil is ranked official after defeating disqualified Chile and the U.S. are back again on the world stage. In the group stage taking his favorites, like the big surprise is the composition of Cameroon – Lions crushed together to assume a strange “political” loss of USSR. Netherlands dropped from second round of the FRG with 1:2, Italy beat Uruguay, Brazil and Argentina, eliminated 1-0 by a goal was made by Kanidzha. The composition of the “tulip” glow Rijkaard, Gullit and Van Basten, but their class does not help in the match against the German machine, led by Lothar Matthaus, Klinsmann and Fyoler.

Chile 1962 – Finals

Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

Brazil World Champion 1962The finals! For the final match the bets were with advantage for Czechoslovakia and free bet from the main bookmakers. At the National Stadium in Santiago collected just 68 679 spectators. Against one another are the world champions Brazil and surprise “the championship of Czechoslovakia. Game begins in. .. new surprise: the Czechs coach Rudolf Vytlacil (only after 3 years he will lead a national of Bulgaria, will coach Levski Sofia) has replaced the “concrete” with the normal schedule and even with an emphasis on attack. Brazil, albeit with a new coach (Aymore Moreira) has the “Swedish” version. Well, the left wing, Zagata is pulled back slightly in the middle line and the scheme has become figures 4-3-3, but the game has no perceptible change. Technique, pleases the eye, effective football. In the 15th minute, playing his 50th game with the national jersey, Josef Masopust results found for the Czechs. Well, no! Another surprise came to us “little much”. After 2 minutes of offensive Amarildo small corner funny the student with Shroyf – 1:1. Over half second Czechs are already only a counterattack, but Brazil is not “Candice”, while by Zito and Vava not bring things up to something very familiar – 3:1 for Brazil! Likuva nation again. Threat: “There is no sense to come! We will not give anyone the Cup!” is executed. Pele plus eight, which is naturally part of a huge joy, pride with his second title. Zozimo, Mauro Amarildo … are champions for the first time. Happiness of the players and millions “torsida” is deserved. Congratulations! And thank you for the beautiful football again.

Chile 1962 – Group Stage

Saturday, December 12th, 2009

Group Stage Chile 1962In the first group of European teams relatively easily eliminated their South American rivals. One is Colombia and dropping them adopted quite normal, but the other is a double world champion Uruguay. However Uruguayans are already familiar with Roman “Sik Transit Gloria Mundi” and thus far have not reached to the other: “Everything flows, everything changes!” But Europeans are not and what is a European champion runners-up the USSR and Yugoslavia. (Only 2 years ago in the final of European Championship, they lead an epic battle among themselves – 2:1 aet). Floating even Olympic champions of Rome – 1960 (after 3 consecutive lost the final of the Olympic Games, finally has a title Yugoslavia – 3:1 against Denmark). But in his first game here against the USSR – 0:2, clearly have not forgotten, and felt the “handbrake”, then definitely “the gear” – 3:1 and 5:0 against Uruguay against Colombia. After a strong start, “Sbornaya” slightly “stalled” with 4:4 in a good game in which Colombians stalking some 13 minutes “hibernation” Russian “Bear” Lev Yashin and his “shuffle” goals 4 goals. Against urusite “playing superiority of the Soviet Union has more than its digital terms – 2:1. Moreover, the first match in this group is Uruguay – Colombia – 2:1. Who knows, it is actually soothing?

Chile 1962 – Qualifications

Monday, December 7th, 2009

Chile 1962When the FIFA Congress in Melbourne in 1956, assigned to the household of Chile, many are, to put it mildly, surprised. All believe in the interest and enthusiasm of the Chilean public, but not in the ability of small South American country name ruthlessly capsicum, located in the foothills of the Andes, to organize such a big event. Moreover, when the May 21, 1960, exactly 2 years and 9 days before the World Cup, comes the big tragedy. Cool earthquake spare nothing and no one in Chile. The implications are terrifying. The whole world sympathizes of Chile, all countries can help with anything. Only holding the World Cup is in doubt, but Football Federation chief Carlos Ditborn supported by the most eminent people in Chile, headed by the president, said: “Do not give up!” Golden Nike “where players will fight, lhave become a symbol of our faith, the angel of our nation, arousing optimism days after the tragedy. ” I. .. Chile is doing! The show, called World Championship, gets high marks. Is an excellent financial result. Figure of 3.5 million dollars very impressed Sir Stanley Rose. Englishman is now head of FIFA, after the death of his predecessor, Arthur Dryuri in 1961

Americas World Cup hopefuls

Sunday, December 6th, 2009

USA and Mexico are both currently considered 80/1 propositions at 888sport, the world’s leading online bookmakers, to win the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. They are certainly the only real chances for the North American teams at the World Cup.
Both teams have had interesting World Cup histories. The Mexicans have often been considered serious contenders for the Cup but in recent times have failed to win games at crucial times in the competition. The Americans on the other hand have always entered the World Cup as outsiders but have had a few campaigns where they have unexpectedly made it to the finals.
The Mexicans probably appear to be the better bet of the two as they showed far better form over their northern counterparts with an impressive 5-0 drubbing at Giants Stadium back in July. The Mexicans will need the striking power of players like Castro and Vela and will rely on world class players like Dos Santos to steer the team.
Both of these two teams will need to have favorable draws and will more likely than not be fighting it out with three other sides for the last place in their group. Much comes down to the draw in the World Cup and it is part of the theatre of the event. The seeding works in a strange way and you can quite often end up in a ‘group of death’ that makes it very hard for middle ranked teams to progress.
The other team from the region is the team from Honduras. 888sport has them as 500/1 outsiders and you would expect them only to be making up the numbers in South Africa.
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Sweden 1958 – The Final

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009

Brazil 1958 finalHowever, VI World Championship has an official finish. For joy! Against one another are the most decent. So far – no loss, with only one draw. Deserved! Something curious: Sweden and Brazil are the only ones in this World Cup, playing with golden-yellow shirts. One of them will have to come up with a backup team. “Short stick” falls on the Brazilians. They will play in blue. Is it a bad omen? Swedes have already secured the silver – previously unknown success, unique and never thereafter. But the appetite comes with eating and more in the 4th marks Lihodolm minutes – 1:0 for Sweden. Will the miracle? … No! Against Tre Kronur are stood not only 11 excellent, great players (Brazil has always kidded inimitable masters of the leather ball), but also a superb team. Improvisation are subject to a lean organization in the game of the composition, skillfully led by coach Feola outside and “playmaker” Diddy inside. Dual attacks are not an end in itself, a path to successful implementation of total superiority. Soon the result was equalized by Vava, then again he displayed his first. After the break came the turn of Pele. His performance in celebration of the third goal (goalkeeper transferred to an external shock folded by air – fantastic “drop sheet”) and now appears as cinema textbooks in football, but so far no one has repeated. Mario “Lobo” ( “Ant”) Zagata increased to 4:1. Swedes do what they can, to defend with honor, even counter-attacked, occasionally – Simonson reduces the difference, but shortly before the end Pele again no mistake – 5:2. Brazil is the champion of the world. After 5 ‘attempts to fly “at last the greatest in football is in the highest float freely, gently, beautifully, naturally! Brazilian-born is a legend. She parades around the world with clarions already 50 years for great joy and pleasure of all. Ideraldo master Bellini takes the Cup. After him and others. First kiss with Golden Nike “is not never forget. A nation falls into euphoria, no! a nation falls into insanity, a nation crying with happiness. Date of 29 June is declared a national holiday. Fighters accompanied the presidential plane, which is harvested characters. In Rio millions of them welcome. Chanted the names of their favorites to fit. These names will remain forever inscribed in golden letters in the folk memory. Brazil celebrates its first big victory. There will be more … (more…)

Sweden 1958 – The Introduction

Saturday, September 19th, 2009

Sweden 1958 BrazilTurn of South America to organize the World Cup, but time passes and no candidate and no. Running aid of good old Europe again in the face of Sweden. Nobody is opposing, and contrary to the elite hitting Scandinavia. Subsequently, it appears that the choice of FIFA has hit in dozens. Green fields and forests, crystal lakes, tranquility and comfort of Sweden as finalists make the stay pleasant and quiet. To add to all this wonderful conditions for football, which offers this time of year (June) short Swedish summer. For summer, these latitudes, I asked one Swede: “You know here you have a real summer – hot, muggy?” And he slightly offended, replied: “What do we have to, it was people? On June 22 from 7 am, and all the way to 19:30 in the evening!” Just between these 2-championships (1954-1958) died Jules Rimet (24.10.1873-15.10.1956). International football movement lost its great shape. Rarely, cultural and civilized, extremely loyal to the game, he is the president of FIFA from 1921. and will remain in history as the man with lots of love, and twice more tenacity, overcoming enormous difficulties of any kind, creating a true miracle – World Cup. As a token of appreciation and respect for him, still alive in 1946. delegates at the FIFA congress unanimously decided to name the World Cup, better known as the Golden Nike “in its name. Sounds a bit authoritarian, but a fact – until 1970. official name of the World Cup is “Jules Rimet Cup”. And something interesting – from 1960. and a European Cup. Bowl, which received European champions, called “Henri Delaunay Cup”, ie named after the faithful follower of Jules Rimet and long gene. FIFA secretary Henri Delaunay. (more…)

Brazil 1950 – Groups Stage

Saturday, September 12th, 2009

World Cup 1950In the first group (Brazil, Mexico, Yugoslavia, Switzerland), Brazil is imperative! Almost … Mexico were beaten by 4:0 and 2:0 with Yugoslavia, but Switzerland with its rational game not only presents great surprise – in the 90th minute at 2:2 Fridlander great blow to kick the beam … In that game against Alpians lights “warning light” for the “carioca” but they did not pay attention, the more they are beaten “the Serbs”, according to specialists who are most powerful Europeans in this World Cup. (I must have made when Yugoslavia with ease mob with Switzerland (3:0) and Mexico (4:1), but remains second and fell.) In the second group (Spain, USA, Chile, England) are the best Spaniards (3:1 v United States, 2:0 v Chile and 1:0 v England), but has an extremely strong response to the fall English football after England USA – 0:1. English for many years were considered invincible. Not participate in international football life. Play only with their neighbors in Albion, Grom them constantly. Considered frivolous to match forces with others, so be it and the World Cup here in Brazil, you pay tax mania for greatness. Loss of “tourists” to the U.S. is not only offensive, but is one of the biggest sensation in World Cup history. The players, wearing a shirt with his chest three recumbent lions, descend to the ground and a long, long will remember the murderous irony, which welcomed them to the island. Indeed, since then, and to this day, still has some amateur to be “kidded on the ground and beat” parents “! Often! But who know in 1950. imagined that so you will easily collapse a myth – the myth of their invincibility. (more…)

Brazil 1950 – Introduction

Friday, September 11th, 2009

Brazil 1950If England is the home of football, then, undoubtedly, Brazil is its temple. This sport because there is really deification and its characters are idols, built a cult. Not accidentally, most players in the coffee country have nicknames and aliases, just like when artists. And when, despite the hardships of the postwar years, the creator of the World Football Championships Jules Rimet take effective steps to restore the tradition and Brazil is set to host the IV-th Congress of the World Cup by FIFA in 1946. Luxembourg, everyone is happy. Unfortunately, because of permanent political and economic crises and social instability in the temple, “this meeting of football powers in 1950. there is only one in the history of the world, at least for now. Before the World Cup shows that will debut only 1 team and what it is! – England! Finally … Proud team come as Aslan, but will soon leave as con … But this – later. It is worth mention extremely emotional in qualifying matches between France and Yugoslavia. After 1:1 in Paris and Belgrade, it is 3rd match in Florence. In the 90th minute SHIPPING equalize – 2:2 (can not but think in this moment of “executioner” of “Rooster” – Emil Kostadinov) and one in overtime to rescue impossible goal of Zlatko Tchaikovsky almost line, sends our neighbors to the West finals. And we? Not even “doing mouth to participate. (more…)

France 1938 – Introduction

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

France 1938 world cupFrance where the most flagrant way is declared the host (breached the principle of rotation of the continent) to large (more) football “family” should have divorce. South Americans immediately declare boycott (the exception is Brazil – the only country in the world, participated in all World Championships so far) and are replaced by world football powers as Cuba and Netherlands Antilles ( ‘s World Championship, though!). After World continue and who knows how he would do this “dunanma” if humanity was faced with a fatally “To be or not to be?” The next world championship is only after 12 years and those surviving after at greatest tragedy in the XX Century (II-th World War) was so happy that they are alive, that they forget all their “white troubles”. The decision to host III-this world championship was taken off the normal situation during the Olympics – 1936 in Berlin. How are convinced the delegates at the Congress of FIFA by Jules Rime – President and Henri Case – gene. Secretary (both, you remember, the French!)? History closed eyes, but obviously the question of (not) morality is not yesterday. To strife aside and accidents and return to the topic. (more…)