USA 1994 – Finals

BrazilIn the second round Germany conquered Belgium, Ireland committed suicide with his defensive tactics against the Netherlands, Spain overcame Switzerland and Sweden – Saudi Arabia. Brazil stops the celebrating Independence Day with a victory over the United States. The remaining matches in this round are even more dramatic: Bulgaria defeated Mexico in the first game, decided to shoot at this tournament, Romania strikes Argentina, and Italy won a dramatic victory over Nigeria. In the quarterfinals Sweden beat Romania on penalties. Baggio confirms his status as a star with his late goal against Italy Spain win 2-1. Another very close match is Brazil – Netherlands 3-2. The list of semi complete team of Bulgaria, who defeated Germany and this is the biggest surprise of this tournament. Two brilliant goals from Baggio lead Italy to the final and Brazil copes with weary Swedes. Italy risky bet twice in the final – once, Baggio scored the ground with a stretched tendon and again while back in the first game after surgery, the veteran central defender Franco Baresi. He became the hero of this game. The Brazilians poured all his inspiration on the pitch, trying to overcome the Italian defensive discipline, and Italians lurking right time for lightning counterattacks. In this football game a chance to smile a few times and mostly in Brazil, Baggio missed one opportunity in both sequels. Brazil could lead in the 109th minute when Cafu inventive submitted to Romario, who missed four meters to score.
In the penalty shootout Baresi transferred the ball over the top and falls to his knees in despair. Paliuka saving impact of time Santos and Italy is ahead after the second penalty Albertini noted. Romario fails to Brazil, Evan for Italy, then Branko again for Brazil. And here it was all over Italy: Tafarel fired shot saved by Massaro, and Dunga scored the last goal. Baggio to score the last five penalties to continue the game. But he takes the ball over the top beam. Brazil is the champion again.
Scorer of the tournament: Salenko (Russia), Stoichkov (Bulgaria) – 6 goals
Composition of the winner Brazil: Tafarel, Zhorzhinyo, Aldair, Marcio Santos, Branco, Mazinyo, Dunga, Mauro Silva, Zinyo, Romario, baby

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