Very questionable penalty brought the third German Cup in Italy 1990

Germany Champions“We Germans never lose three times in a row”, said Franz Beckenbauer on the eve of the World Cup final in 1990, Kaiser refers to the lost Bundesteam finals in 1982 and 1986 ” Thank God that Diego Maradona is an Argentine. he will again make us world champions’ hopes you Dr. Carlos Bilardo. On July 8, 1990 the world sees the third German triumph. In front of Sophia Loren and Luciano Pavarotti in Rome teams Beckenbauer and Bilardo played the most boring World Cup. To drive in history. The German team arrived in the Eternal City after shootout drama in Turin and Naples. Germany were eliminated in a fully equivalent match England. Maradona, who calls neopolitantsite to support Argentina, not Italy, and his colleagues surprised bitter hosts. Day before the final Italy and England played a watchable match for third place in Bari and so on “Olimpico” should be decided 14th match for the golden cup. For the first time in history, two teams repeat final clash 4 years ago, and Argentine coach Bilardo has a unique chance to duplicate the title and to align this indicator legend Vittorio Pozzo. Great Emperor Franz does is on the verge of becoming the second after Mario Zagallo – world champion as a player and coach.
Favorites are Germans who play far more attacking and more valuable football. Since the early Italy 90` Argentina plays muscle while glimpses of world champions are rare. There are three crucial figures in the ranks of Bilardo – Maradona home Goicoechea, who became famous as a great master in saving penalties and Swifty Kanidzha which punishes fatal Brazil and Italy. It Kanidzha however big absentee for the final, so be sure you like the long-haired football player earn a stupid yellow card in the semi-final with the hosts. Bilardo sets of 3-5-2, and teamed up Maradona play for Italy Gustavo DeSoto. Three internal Argentina midfielder midfielders Lazio and Stuttgart Trolio Pedro and Pepe Basualdo, and the hero of the final of Mexico ` 86 Jorge Buruchaga. Flanks of midfield are strengthened by two other representatives of the Series “A” – Nestor Lorenzo (Barry), which is left, and Roberto Sensini (Udinese). Oscar Ruggeri, Simon and Juan Jose Serisuela formed a defensive line in front Goicoechea.
Germany remained true to their core style of Italy ` 90 and Kaiser 3-5-2 in their ranks. Before Bodo Ilgner in defense are Augentaler Klaus Jurgen Kohler and Guido Buchwald, the latter keeps personal Maradona. In the role of full-backs act wings Thomas Berthold and Andy Burden and midfield are captain Lothar Matthaus, Thomas Hessler and Pierre Litbarski. The attack was led by Rudy Fyoler and Jurgen Klinsmann. Almost all the 74,000 in the stands of the ” Olimpico ” support Germany as the Italians have not yet outlived painful elimination in the semifinals. This manifested in the performance of hymns, and seemed to irritate more hosts Argentina out in the colors of “squadra Azzurri”. The result is a very gray finish, in which interesting situations are no more than five.
Before the break Fyoler nearly sent the ball just wide and Maradona shot a close free kick. This is one of the easiest games in the career of goalkeeper Bodo Ilgner to whose door no one accurate shot throughout the finale. Argentines openly play for penalties, and later became the first stock not scored a goal in the game for the trophy. In the second half Litbarski beat one of its typical hit after it broke through the two speed but the ball hurtles to post. In the 64th minute something happens historical – reserve of “Los gauchos” Pedro Monson receives a red card for a studs- feet of Klinsmann, which became the first Argentine defender sent off in the World Cup finals. Come to the conclusion. Minute is 84th. For a fall in the box Fyoler world champions Mexican referee gives Kodesal penalty Germany. Argentines protest, but the decision was taken. Interestingly, shortly before Kodesal bypassed much cleaner breach near the line of Goicoechea against Augentaler. It is the judge eventually admitted that his judgment was very strong.
the Bundesteam dilemma is who to shoulder championship shot. Contractor payroll penalty shootouts Germans is captain Lothar Matthaus. Great German ten but not to implement such later Lothar admits he had problems with his boots before the finish and did not feel ready for a shootout. So uniquely difficult task occupies burden. Is low impact, dramatic save by the Goicoechea and the ball is caught on the lower left corner for 1-0. Germany exult, rejoice and Italy. Goicoechea was about to cry. Everyone knows that Argentina has the strength to get back in the game in the remaining 5 minutes. Moreover – in the end DeSoto hits stopped playing Kohler, which sends Kodesal second Argentine in the showers early. South Americans show unceremoniously behavior and rewarding when you cry Maradona filed demonstratively hand of President Joao Havelange FIFA. Germany is the new world champion, the soldiers of Emperor Franz deserved winner of the Italian Mondial.
Here is the place to say a few more summaries words in connection with the tournament since 1990 and this boring and defensive game for the title. World Cup has always been a benchmark of how far e got football and that is where you see what’s new and what appeared old has died out in the game. Although Mondialat of ` 90 to 3-4 exclusive games played, the overall focus of the event is negative, the finale in Rome most accurately reflects the image of the league. For 20 of 52 matches in Italy ended with the score below 1.5, resulting in the lowest performance in history. Also telling is the fact that the best player on the planet at the time – Diego Maradona, not introduced a single goal in Italy. The mondial, which takes place in a context of dramatic political change (USSR, Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia go to disunity and Germany to unification ) will be remembered as inadequate referee judgments as just such dispute and decided to bowl. All the negative phenomena of Italy ` make FIFA 90 to take urgent measures for the good of the game. For example Mondial`90 is the last World Cup, which for victory in the group stage are given two points. Seriously is starting to look and the idea of ​​more than two legal changes. After four years Morocco became the first team made ​​three. U.S. ` 94 is introduced and home rule is not entitled to play the ball with his hands when it was returned by teammate – a rule that helps the larger dynamics of football. Low attendance Italy ` 90 makes changes to FIFA imposed traditionally placed teams in group play matches in a city. Italy`90 is the last major football championship, which the player names are not written in their numbers over the back.
So the principle that to fix one thing, it must first break, World Cup 1990 gives clear signals for the disease in the most popular sport and football bosses engage immediately implement adequate treatment. Let’s take one last look at the evening of July 8, 1990 team that only tournament not show weakness in any phase of the game, naturally triumphs as world champion. Lothar Matthaus lifted the Cup over his head and under the divine melody of Aria “Nessun dorma” rang and final salutes Italy’90. While the Germans made ​​honorary tours and enjoy with their gold medals on the chest of the board of “Olympic” is written final “Ciao Italia, Hello USA”.

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